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Question – Reflection – Action!

Ignite your clients’ journey of self-discovery with our meticulously crafted sequence of thought-provoking questions.

Seasoned coaches and therapists design all the worksheets to prompt deep reflection, spark profound insights and a surge of motivation that will drive your clients to take action like never before.

Imagine unraveling the layers of your clients’ minds, uncovering hidden strengths, and unleashing their true potential. 

Benefits of CleverMemo Coaching Tools and Worksheets for your clients:

The CleverMemo Coaching Tools are incredibly beneficial when it comes to your clients’ personal and professional growth. They provide a structured approach to self-reflection and goal setting, helping your clients gain clarity and direction in their lives. By using these coaching worksheets, your clients will be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to strategically work towards improving themselves. These tools also help your clients break down their goals into manageable steps, making them more attainable and less overwhelming.

Our coaching tools and worksheets also encourage accountability and progress tracking, ensuring that your clients stay on track and achieve their desired outcomes. Ultimately, incorporating these tools into your clients’ lives will increase motivation, confidence, and overall success in their personal and professional endeavors.

Many of our life coaching tools and worksheets are based on CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). CBT has been extensively studied and has consistently shown to be an effective treatment for various mental health conditions. By focusing on thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, CBT empowers individuals to develop effective coping strategies and create positive change in their lives.

All our Coaching Worksheets and Tools are based on a multidisciplinary approach relying on the expertise of psychologists, neuroscientists, coaches, and therapists.

Designed for mental health professionals, coaches, trainers, students, supervisors, teachers, and self-coaching, this Toolkit is filled with practical, easy-to-understand tools to help you put theory into practice.

Benefits of CleverMemo CoachingTools and Worksheets for the coach:

The CleverMemo Coachingtools and worksheets are made for coaches looking to enhance their practice. All our worksheets provide a structured framework to guide the coaching process, ensuring that all relevant topics are covered, and goals are met. They also serve as a valuable tool for monitoring progress and evaluating the effectiveness of various coaching strategies. Furthermore, the worksheets help you stay organized and focused, allowing you to manage your time and resources better.

Using the CleverMemo worksheets, you can streamline your coaching process, increase your productivity, and ultimately achieve greater success in your practice. So why reinvent the wheel? Take advantage of these invaluable resources and elevate your coaching to new heights!

Coaching tools, worksheets, and techniques, if used the right way,

can change the direction of the client’s lives and help them achieve continuous growth, prosperity, and sustainable success.

Effective coaching goes beyond the ability to ask the right questions in the right order. Great coaches are experts in guiding their clients through the process of change. They enhance and enable their clients to reach their full potential, overcome roadblocks, and help them to accomplish sustainable success.


The CleverMemo tools and worksheets improve your client’s performance and enhance your coaching skills.

Thousands of Coaches from over 70 Countries use them everyday!

Our mission is to empower Coaches to create real results.

Because the lasting success of your clients matters.