This Goal Toolkit includes the 7 Best Tools and Goal Setting Exercises for Your Coaching Clients.


Goal-setting: Set it and forget it after the first coaching session?


In a recent study, 90 % of the coaches stated that they clarify the goals very precisely, but only 30 % of the clients perceived it as such. The most desired improvements for coaching clients are specific and measurable goals.

The “right” goals are the foundation of a successful coaching process. They must suit our client’s personality, self-evaluation, qualities, values, and desires.

In this study, 80 % of coaches and clients stated that goals change and evolve during the process (priorities or circumstances change, or the initial plans are too ambitious).




If our client’s goals and priorities change during the process,, there is a big chance that they no longer identify themselves with the original goal. A lack of motivation will be the consequence.

Because of these parameters, it’s so important to check the goals regularly. They will only be achieved if they are coherent, inspiring, and motivating.

Visualizing and documenting (e.g., with CleverMemo) are very effective for clarifying, checking, managing, and evaluating goals and milestones. (Klimt and Wastian 2014; Wastian 2015)




This Goal Toolkit includes 7 Tools precisely for this purpose. It’s all it takes to check the goals regularly and get authentic feedback about progress and milestones.


After each session, your clients record their insights and milestones and share them with you. The goal will be automatically and continually evaluated throughout the process and can be easily adjusted if necessary.


With these 7 Goal-Setting Tools and Exercises, you’ll help your clients set the right goals, commit, and achieve them!

Enrich your coaching toolbox with these 7 powerful tools and templates:


  1. SMART Goal-Setting And Testing – You’ll help your clients to transform vague wishes, hopes, and desires into tangible, meaningful, and measurable goals! They’ll nail down a SMART goal, check, and review it.
  2. The Goal Audit – Am I pursuing the right goals? – You enable your clients to check their goals and desired outcomes toward their strengths, potentials, and abilities. Is my goal realistic and achievable?
  3. Goal Compatibility CheckYou’ll help your clients quickly identify potential support on their way. How will the impact of these changes they’ve made in themselves affect those around them? Will they support the client? 
  4. Decision-Making Made Easy: Find clarity and pursue the right goal – An Indispensable goal-setting exercise that helps your clients clarify their goals. They weigh the pros and cons of a particular path and visualize the outcomes.
  5. From Goal To Action Exercise – Help your clients to explore, uncover and plan their action steps and milestones. They’ll set priorities, making the goals clear, tangible, and motivating.
  6. Goal-Check: The #1 Goal-Setting Exercise – The perfect starting point for your coaching. Your clients will set meaningful goals and visualize and check them. They detect potential support but also hurdles, and they’ll uncover the motivation behind their goal. Planning the next steps becomes a piece of cake.
  7. The Big Goal Always In Sight – Focus, motivation, and ongoing reflection: Enable your clients to always keep their goal in mind and to realize what’s already been achieved towards their big dream or plan. This exercise strengthens the commitment and keeps motivation and focus high.



This Goal-Setting Coaching Toolkit is a fantastic starting point for every kind of coaching (life, business, leadership, partnership…) and counseling.

Each tool comes as a professionally-designed PDF, brandable .docx, and text file, including instructions on how to use it.



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