Overcome Procrastination And Get Things Done!

9 Impactful Coaching Worksheets & Exercises for those who want to take action and catapult their productivity.

The blueprint for beating the inner procrastinator!


So many struggle to get started on essential projects and allow tasks to pile up until they make them feel stressed and overwhelmed. Instead of cleaning the house, finally making that career change, or finalizing that project, hundreds of things that are “more important” and bring much more fun come to mind.

The root cause of procrastination is negative emotions and unpleasant feelings associated with an activity or task. We then try to suppress these feelings by doing easier or more fun things for us.

However, numerous studies show that procrastination does not eliminate negative emotions. The opposite is true:

They are amplified by the self-inflicted stress, self-doubt, and guilt associated with procrastination. This ultimately leads to things being pushed further and further away and postponed. A vicious cycle starts that becomes a true productivity killer.





Procrastination results in feelings like guilt, shame, restlessness, and self-inflicted stress. It also leads to missed deadlines and opportunities, increased interpersonal relationship issues, and even harms physical and mental health. Ultimately, it prevents the unfolding of one’s true potential.


The great news is that procrastination is not a disease or a fate but a learned behavior and habit that we can change. This Toolkit is the step-by-step blueprint and includes all the knowledge, strategies, and actionable steps for overcoming the inner procrastinator.

Guide your clients on their journey to stop their tendency to put off important projects, tasks, and activities. They are no longer procrastinators but action-takers and dedicated-doers!

They learn to set priorities, become more organized, accomplish what they want, and live their best lives!


Help your clients to…

  • Understand the real reasons behind their procrastination.

  • Deal with the reluctance to start uncomfortable tasks.

  • Never miss a deadline again.

  • To have the wonderful feeling of being in charge of their life.

  • Prioritize tasks and improve their time management.

  • Increase their self-control, self-efficacy, and self-confidence.

  • Make faster decisions and get more done in less time.

  • To accomplish their goals and reach their full potential.




This Toolkit includes 9 ready-to-use worksheets, exercises, and questionnaires:


  1. Procrastination And Me: How it influences different areas of my life.
  2. Goodbye Procrastination: Taking the first step to stop it once and for all.
  3. The Real Reasons I’m Procrastinating: Finding solutions to handle them.
  4. My Procrastination Excuses, Unhelpful Conclusions, And Beliefs: This is how they no longer stand a chance!
  5. My Vicious Cycle Of Procrastination: More clarity and laying the foundation to escape it.
  6. Stopping My Vicious Cycle: My journey from a procrastinator to action-taker and dedicated-doer!
  7. My Success Strategy: This plan will help me master every activity or task with confidence.
  8. Dealing With Aversion And Tolerating Discomfort: The art of resilience and mastering my emotions.
  9. Lasting Procrastination Cure:  Dealing with roadblocks and challenges and overcoming procrastination once and for all!


This Toolkit has been designed for:

  • Coaching
  • Counseling
  • Self-Coaching


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