This Gigapack contains more than 70 ready-to-use worksheets, tools, and exercises for your Coaching. It includes these 9 Toolkits:


    1. Basic Coaching Toolkit includes all the tools and templates you need to provide professional Coaching.
    2. The 7 Best Goal-Setting Tools and exercises help your clients help your clients set the right goals, commit, and achieve them.
    3. The Ultimate Mindset Change and Thought Control Toolkit – Help your clients get rid of their negative thoughts and limiting beliefs
    4. The Journaling & Diary Toolkit includes 11 templates for almost every topic in coaching and counseling
    5. Work-Life-Balance and Time Management Toolkit – Help your clients to improve their work-life balance and guide them on how to use their precious time wisely
    6. The Follow-Up Toolkit contains 7 powerful tools and is all it takes to offer and provide a professional follow-up coaching
    7. The Life-Coaching Toolkit – 7 tools that help your clients discover their strengths, weaknesses, desires, and true ambitions. They develop concrete strategies and action plans and finally take the driver’s seat of their life!
    8. Boost Your Self-Confidence Toolkit – 10 Coaching Tools to help your clients build confidence, recognize their worth, and achieve their goals.
    9. Ultimate Burnout Prevention and Recovery Toolkit – The 10-part coaching toolkit burnout prevention and recovery is the secret to unlocking the stress cycle and getting out of the crisis.






This Set is a must-have for every kind of coaching (life, business, leadership, partnership…) and counseling. Every tool comes as a .docx text file, and with instructions on how to use it.



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