Find Your Purpose and Unleash Your Full Potential

15 Impactful Coaching Worksheets & Exercises

For those who feel that there is more to life.


Help your clients to connect with their true purpose, unleash their full potential and achieve the ultimate vision of their life! Guide them to find true fulfillment and prosperity!

So many people are frustrated and feel their life isn’t in line with their desires, wishes, and, ultimately, their true self. They work in a job they have no passion for, live in a place that doesn’t inspire them, and are in a relationship that lacks passion and lost its spark.

Deep inside, they know that they are not living their own life but a life their family and society want them to live. Their true nature, desires, needs, and interests are ignored and neglected.


But there is also another group of people:

Those who know and connect with their true purpose and ignite their passion and potential to achieve the ultimate vision of their life, career, health, and relationships. Those who have a clear and deep understanding of what truly motivates and fulfills them.

Support your clients on their journey to become a part of this group.





Help your clients to find answers to profound questions like…

  • Is this the life I actually want to live?

  • What kind of job fulfills me and makes me happy?

  • What motivates me and unlocks my full potential?

  • What do I really want in life?

  • How do I find my calling?

  • What is my mission in life?

  • Who am I deep down inside, and what makes me happy?

  • How to live a life that’s aligned with my true self?


It’s unlikely to find the answers to all these essential questions in one afternoon. After all, it’s a process that requires time, curiosity, openness, and also discipline. This comprehensive Toolkit includes everything you need to guide and support your clients on this life-changing journey.



This Toolkit includes 15 ready-to-use worksheets, exercises, and questionnaires:


  1. A Letter To Myself: What’s My Mission and what do I really want in life?
  2. My Life So Far: Finding hints towards my true calling
  3. What makes me stand out: My talents, skills, traits, and passions
  4. Knowing and living my values and desires
  5. Self-acceptance: How to accept and love myself unconditionally (even when I’m struggling)
  6. My Career = My Calling? Can they be the same, and does my job make me feel happy and fulfilled?
  7. Relationship Reflection: A strong team going in the right direction
  8. All My Roles In Life: Taking a conscious look at my roles. Which ones do I want to fulfill, and which ones should I remove?
  9. Work-Life Balance: Successfully prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) and “life” (health, pleasure, leisure, family, and spiritual development)
  10. My Support Network: Building and strengthening a network of great people around me
  11. My Health Is My Wealth: The vital foundation to improving my well-being and boosting my energy level
  12. My Self-Care Routine: Time to recharge my batteries and make myself the number one priority
  13. IKIGAI: The all-encompassing Japanese philosophy for true fulfillment and happiness in life.
  14. How to Stop Comparing Myself To Others: It’s the safest way to become unhappy, and that’s how I stop it immediately.
  15. The Experience Journal: The mindful path to my true purpose and to the full development of my true potential


This Toolkit has been designed for:

  • Coaching
  • Counseling
  • Self-Coaching


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Support clients on their Road to Genuine Happiness and Satisfaction in Life!

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