A Coaching Toolkit to help your clients build confidence, recognize their worth and achieve their goals.


When you have low self-esteem and low self-confidence it’s impossible to be successful and find genuine happiness in life.

10 professional Coaching Tools that will help your clients to know and love themselves, silence their inner critic and walk through life with confidence.

Watch out:
This toolkit can be used for coaching your clients and yourself. Because who couldn’t use a genuine self-confidence boost?


  • Do you sometimes perceive others’ traits and gifts as being superior to your own — even “heroic,” and therefore unattainable?
  • Maybe you believe that no one cares what you think, how you feel, or even what you have to offer?
  • Or you have difficulties getting motivated and taking action? “I’m going to fail anyway, so why bother?”
  • Or maybe you’re a “people pleaser” who’s not able to say “no”, have problems to represent your interests, and find it hard to forgive yourself?


Those are not only common issues for our clients but also many of us coaches. We’re all just humans!

We all know these situations where we would need more self-confidence!

After all, our confidence determines whether we are happy or unhappy, whether we succeed or fail, whether we overcome difficulties or not, and whether we live a harmonious relationship or not. Without confidence, it’s impossible to live life to the fullest!

With this toolset, your clients will get to know, accept, and love their unique personality including all their strengths and weaknesses. You will help them develop the creativity and strength to rely on themselves in upcoming challenges. They will achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves.




The toolkit includes 10 tools and questionnaires that will help your clients build their self-esteem and self-confidence step by step. The result will be a charismatic appearance and a deep sense of inner security in every situation.

We are all perfectly imperfect including our heroes. This toolkit will lay the foundation for real self-awareness and self-esteem of your clients. They will get to know all their strengths, weaknesses, priorities, and values. They will learn to embrace and love their unique perfectly imperfect personality. The next step will train them on how to deal with weaknesses and to expand their strengths.

The last step is to develop genuine self-confidence. Your clients will have absolute certainty that they can always rely on themselves, their creativity to find solutions, and their strengths.



This 10-part toolkit helps your clients (and yourself) to become a powerful personality who achieves their goals!


  1. The self-esteem check-up: A quick inventory and the first step.
  2. Learning about myself: Explore your strengths, qualities, and quirks.
  3. Boost your self-esteem: Learn to develop trust in yourself.
  4. Practice self-love and self-acceptance: Nobody is perfect!
  5. Self-esteem diary: Keep track of your successes, good qualities, and positive experiences.
  6. Stop negative thoughts and feelings: Silence the inner critic.
  7. Building self-confidence: Preparing yourself for success!
  8. Improve and boost your self-confidence: Applying your strengths in different areas of life.
  9. Overcome unexpected challenges: Your contingency plan – Stay calm and confident in difficult situations.
  10. The ultimate self-confidence boost: Build unshakeable confidence and inner security.


It’s a goldmine of insights and a great addition to your coaching programs.


Perfect for 1-1 Coachings, groups, workshops, and self-coaching!

Every tool comes as a professionally-designed PDF, brandable .docx and text file including instructions on how to use it.



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