Burnout as an opportunity!


Help your clients press the reset button. This toolset allows you to offer professional burnout coaching to your clients.


How to prevent burnout?

Stressed out? Exhausted? Overwhelmed? Feel hopeless about your life or work?

These are the most common warning signs of burnout!

The 10-part coaching toolkit burnout prevention and recovery is the secret to unlocking the stress cycle and getting out of the crisis.


This toolkit is made for working with your coaching clients but can also be used to help yourself dealing with burnout.




Burnout is not tied to a specific job category. It can affect managers, as well as nurses or teachers. Your clients (or even you) might be experiencing these typical symptoms:


  • Feel often in a bad mood and exhausted most of the time. You’re frequently snapping over little things.
  • Feel no joy in your work or even hopeless about your work or life.
  • Feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities running from one task to another. It’s impossible to switch off.
  • You feel always tired, have no energy and are simply exhausted. Everything is too much.
  • You withdraw more and more from social life and want to hide away from the world.
  • It seems like there’s no escape from the current situation.


Burnout is not something that occurs overnight and it comes in different stages. The symptoms and reasons are also diverse. Long-term stress in the job and work overload is often named but is never the only reason.

Burnout creeps into our lives and gets stronger and stronger over time. It will get worse unless we address the underlying issues causing it.

If we do not act in time, it leads to complete exhaustion and sometimes even depression. But there is a way to deal with it:


This toolkit enables you to support your clients in recognizing and interpreting the burnout warning signals in time. You learn how to properly deal with stress and to relieve it. The reasons and issues that led to this seemingly hopeless situation are analyzed and remedied.

It’s the secret to unlocking the stress circle and regaining the passion and purpose.


There is no magic pill or instant cure for burnout, it takes some time. But with these 10 proven step-by-step tools, you and your clients have a blueprint recovery strategy out of the crisis. To live a happy, satisfied, successful and self-determined life!

Your clients live stress-free, authentic and are the best version of themselves!


The first step is to find out if the client is at risk of burnout or already affected by it.

The next step is to identify and analyze the current situation. Sometimes the issues will be obvious. Other times it will take a deeper analysis to uncover them. Energy drains will be identified and eliminated. Energy sources, resources, and strengths are pointed out and applied.

A focus will be put on important aspects such as stress management, time management, and priority-setting. It’s all about doing the right things at the right time if it comes to preventing burnout or recovering from it.

In the last step, you’ll develop a plan to avoid setbacks. The clients learn how to live their life in a happier, authentic and less stressful way.



This 10-part step-by-step Coaching Toolkit includes:

  1. The Burnout Self-Check: Am I at risk of burnout or am I already affected by it?
  2. My Reality – Understanding my current situation: Taking stock of my situation and finding out the “Why”.
  3. Identifying Energy drains, Resources and Strengths: How to eliminate energy drains and apply your strengths.
  4. What is (Un)changeable?: Find out what can be changed immediately and how to successfully deal with the unchangeable.
  5. What’s the issue?: An in-depth self-analysis: What led to my situation and how can I get out of it.
  6. Time-Management & Priority-Setting: How to reduce time pressure and being the boss of your time.
  7. The Job Analysis: Stress and job dissatisfaction is one of the most common triggers for burnout. How to move your professional life into the right direction.
  8. Stress-Management: How to deal with stress and how to avoid it if possible.
  9. Priority-Setting – Being the boss of your own day: How to organize and structure your day. Do the right things at the right time and eliminate the unimportant things.
  10. I-Balance: How to avoid setbacks. Regain your passion and purpose and finding your roles. Live a happy and meaningful life according to your true needs and considering your abilities.


It’s a goldmine of insights and a great addition to your coaching programs.


Perfect for 1-1 Coachings, groups, workshops, and self-coaching!

Every tool comes as a professionally-designed PDF, brandable .docx and text file including instructions on how to use it.



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