The Ultimate Master Your Emotions Toolkit

7 Powerful Worksheets And Exercises


Are you the master of your emotions, or are your emotions the master of you?

We all know situations where our feelings and emotions get the best of us. Whether we are stuck in a traffic jam and getting angry and nervous, dealing with a difficult colleague, or when a small discussion with our partner turns into a full-blown argument. We say and do things that we regret shortly afterward because we can’t control our emotions properly.

Emotions and feelings make our lives colorful and exciting. They are an integral part of our everyday life, influencing all our actions, decisions, and relationships.


Our emotions can paralyze us or make us take action and ensure we get things done and achieve our goals. Feelings and emotions can upset us, cause distress and overwhelm us. But they can also motivate, inspire, relax, and delight us.

Many people are helplessly at the mercy of their emotions and even controlled by them. Others try to suppress or numb any uncomfortable feeling that might come up.

However, learning to master and consciously use your emotions instead of being hijacked by them is vital to fulfilling your dreams in every aspect of your life.


This Toolkit is the key to surfing on the wave of feelings and emotions instead of being overrun by it.




People who mastered their feelings and emotions…


  • are always able to prevent unwanted emotional outbursts.

  • keep cool and calm even in the most challenging situations.

  • remain calm in arguments and avoid rash statements.

  • maintain control over their actions and make decisions thoughtfully.

  • recognize the message behind their emotion and can use it as a resource for gaining insights to shape their future successfully.




This Toolkit includes 7 ready-to-use worksheets:


  1. Getting to know my feelings and emotions –Mindfully deal with the topic of emotions and thereby get to know myself better.
  2. My Emotions Journal – Gaining a better understanding of my feelings and emotions.
  3. What’s behind my emotions and feelings – Find out what exactly triggers certain emotions and what is ultimately behind the trigger. Recognize the message behind each emotion or feeling openly and unbiasedly. 
  4. Watching and describing – Learning to perceive and understand myself better and to act according to my feelings. Finding out how to express myself more genuinely while increasing my social competence.
  5. The message behind my emotions and feelings – Becoming aware of the message and desire behind a particular emotion and how to use this insight to take appropriate action.
  6. Say STOP to harmful, numbing, and escape behavior – Identifying destructive behavior and bad habits in situations of emotional distress and finding better solutions.
  7. How to express my feelings and emotions and become more genuine – Being able to express my feelings appropriately and assertively will help me in my private, social, and business life.



Support clients on their Road to Genuine Happiness and Satisfaction in Life!

You will also receive detailed instructions for the use and effect of each worksheet and tool.


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