Wondering how to help your clients improve their work-life balance and time management? Look no further…


This toolkit has all it takes.


No matter what job your client is in or how many additional commitments they have, creating a healthy balance between work and life/leisure is essential to a happy and productive lifestyle. But it’s not always easy – especially if they have a demanding career.

Mastering time management is one key element to accomplish that. Managing time effectively can directly reduce your stress level. Clients get more done! Being organized results in less rework and mistakes and more time for what they truly enjoy!




These 8 tools, exercises, and questionnaires are included:


  1. Work-Life-Balance Questionnaire – Find out more about your client’s daily life. This tool sets the stage for further work on their work-life balance and time management.
  2. What really matters to you – Get to know your priorities: This powerful coaching exercise allows your client to see their priorities in life. They will also see the ratio between their priorities and the time dedicated to them.
  3. Reclaim your precious time – How do you really spend it? Your clients flesh out how they spend their time during an average week. They will also identify how much time per week is left, which can be used to work on their goals and desired life.
  4. Is it really worth it? – Quickly analyze routines and habits: Your client analyzes regular activities and habits. Is the activity worth the time spent? Does it boost or drain energy? Help your client to find out.
  5. Identify and Eliminate Your Time Wasters – They will identify their top time wasters and reflect on what they could do about them. Help them to free up some of their precious time!

  6. Productivity Booster – Structure Your Day: This exercise helps your clients to become more productive, prioritize tasks, and to identify delegation possibilities. They get more done and free up time for things they enjoy.
  7. Stop your energy drains, identify your energy boosters – Help clients to identify their energy boosters and drains. They will find ways to handle and resolve the drains. They will free up time and energy to accomplish their goals.
  8. Identify toxic and energy-draining relationships and nurture the valuable ones – Your clients find out who energizes them, who drains their energy, and what to do about it. Avoid toxic relationships and nurture the good ones.



It’s a goldmine of insights for your coaching process.


Help your clients explore and define what work-life balance means for them and how to achieve it step by step.


Perfect for 1-1 Coachings, groups and workshops

Every tool comes as a professionally-designed PDF, brandable .docx, and text file, including instructions on how to use it.



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