The best way to predict your future is to create it!


There is no magic pill for a successful business, but there’s a process to get there, and you’ll find it within this Toolkit!


The world as we know it is changing rapidly, and job security is becoming a thing of the past. Globalization and the recent pandemic are just two factors that accelerate this process tremendously.

Digitalization and outsourcing are other reasons the job market is more volatile than ever. Many people will lose their jobs in the near future or already lost them. They will be forced to reconsider their career plans.

The value of a uni education is often not holding up; employers moving from salaried employees to freelance workers, clients refusing to pay for overhead, and the dominating large corporates are other factors leading to this job crisis.


But there is an opportunity in every crisis!




While a lot of jobs become obsolete, countless new opportunities arise!

It’s time for people to escape this situation and create their future by becoming their own boss!

But while thinking about starting their own business, many people are insecure, need help knowing where to start, and would need the support of a coach.

Take your chance in one of the fastest-growing niches and offer professional start-up coaching for young entrepreneurs!

The „Start a small business toolkit“ is your ready-to-go coaching program and includes all you need to provide high-class support to your clients. It combines exercises, strategies, tips, and tools to help clients launch their own businesses.

Founders face numerous challenges, especially at the beginning of their journey …

  • How can I start my own business, and will I succeed?
  • Is my business idea viable and sustainable?
  • Which steps to take when starting?
  • How to market my business and make it thrive?


Unfortunately, more than a good business idea and the motivation to create something is needed to establish oneself in the business world.
A founder has to overcome many challenges: Finding and evaluating the right idea, creating a marketing concept, and winning the first paying customers are just a few of many.


The „Start your small business“ Coaching Toolkit is the safest way to guarantee your clients a head start in their journey.



23 exercises, strategies, tools, and tips developed by experienced coaches and successful entrepreneurs are included:

Self-exploration and analysis:

1.) Identify my unique talents, skills, strengths, and weaknesses.
2.) What are my qualifications, and how strong is my need for safety and stability?
3.) How to take advantage of my network and contacts
4.) Evaluating my physical and mental strength
5.) Finding my “Why” and staying motivated during challenges

Is my business idea viable and sustainable?

6.) How to find the right business idea for me
7.) Testing my business idea: What are the chances of success?

How to find my target audience?

8.) Finding my target audience and making price discussions obsolete
9.) Exercise: Identifying my target audience in three simple steps

How to position myself successfully in the market?

10.) How to make my business stand out from competitors (Blueprint)
11.) Exercise: 5 small steps to determine my Unique Selling Point (USP)
12.) Creating my ideal customer persona!

How to win new customers?

13.) Where is my target audience hanging out, and how to address them
14.) Exercise: Ways to capture and keep my target audience’s attention
15.) Turn prospects into paying customers with these seven tips
16.) My powerful template for converting more prospects into loyal customers
17.) Effective tactics to get more client referrals

How to create a budget for my startup?

18.) The Startup Budget Spreadsheet
19.) The Personal Budget Spreadsheet
20.) Optimizing my Startup Budget

Starting my business: Where to begin?

21.) The 90-day action plan – Starting my own business with confidence
22.) The 30-day action plan – Plan my month for success
23.) The 7-day action plan – Doing the right things at the right time


This Toolkit is made for you if:

  • You are a coach who offers or plans to offer a professional coaching program in the fast-growing niche of founder and small business coaching.
  • Your clients risk losing their jobs or have already been fired. It’s time to help them shape their own future!
  • Your clients want to stop dreaming about being free and finally start to become their own boss. The best time to start was yesterday. The second best time is now!


This ready-to-go toolkit contains all the tools, strategies, and tips to start a thriving business successfully.

Tip: Offer your clients a “Start your successful business in just three months” coaching program!


Perfect for 1-1 Coachings, groups, workshops, and self-coaching!

Every tool comes as a professionally-designed PDF, brandable .docx and text file including instructions on how to use it.



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