Let’s be honest, when was the last time you’ve been thinking (or hearing clients say) things like:


  • There’s an earnings ceiling that I’ll never go above

  • I don’t have enough experience

  • My looks are an obstacle to getting what I want

  • Others’ needs are more important than mine

  • I have too many responsibilities and no clue where to start

  • I just have bad luck


Self-Limiting Beliefs!



Most of us
carry around these unconscious beliefs that come from past experiences and that affect our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Often they have been developed over years and some even come from our childhood. Many of these beliefs are so familiar that we don’t even realize them. Unfortunately, the same applies to our clients and it jeopardizes their coaching success.


Why is this fact so dangerous for our Coaching Clients?


These deep and established beliefs have the same effect as laws or facts on us. That makes them so dangerous because they can hold our clients back from achieving their goals or making it much harder than necessary for them. Limiting beliefs can keep our clients from taking the required steps during their process. A lack of motivation and action is the consequence. 

Thoughts and beliefs like „I don’t have time for that…“ or „I’m too old/young/lazy/stupid for that“ create our reality. We will experience what we already knew before. Limiting and negative beliefs act like a perception filter. In this vicious cycle, our client will experience exactly what they believe in.




Why don’t we just stop negative thoughts and get rid of the limiting beliefs?


Most of our beliefs have been established over years and they are deeply anchored in our subconscious mind. We don’t even realize many of them. And even if we uncovered them it takes discipline, self-evaluation, and awareness to overcome and replace them. It’s a process.


Help your clients to get rid of their negative thoughts and limiting beliefs in three steps:


1.) Self-evaluation: Becoming aware of their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs
2.) Uncover negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs and dispute them
3.) Control your thoughts better and replace negative thoughts/beliefs with positive ones


This Toolkit is all it takes to guide your clients through the 3 stages. Effectively help them to get rid of limiting beliefs, to control their thoughts better and to keep a positive mindset.


  1. Become aware of your self-talk! – A 2 part basic exercise. Enable your clients to become aware of their thoughts, self-talk and mindset
  2. Challenge and overcome your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts – Identify and replace limiting beliefs and thought patterns that have been established over years
  3. Identify and silence your inner critic – The inner critic occurs when our clients face difficult situations. It often leads to unhelpful behavior and bad decisions. Enable your clients to identify these situations and to find better self-evaluations!
  4. Creating your own powerful affirmation – Affirmations can be a very powerful way to control our thoughts and self-talk. Easily guide your client to create a set of personal and empowering affirmations
  5. STOP Self-sabotaging! – Empower your clients to stop procrastination, self-criticism, destructive habits or behaviors, and perfectionism. Help your clients to explore and uncover their own self-sabotaging behavior and finding ways how to stop it.
  6. ABCD-Model: Catch your (negative) thoughts and dispute them – Another basic exercise that will help your clients to identify unhelpful beliefs or negative thoughts and dispute them with a set of powerful questions
  7. Boost your self-esteem – 2 part tool where clients brainstorm about their most valuable qualities and talents. The second part is a self-esteem boosting journal which ensures to keep a positive mindset.



BONUS: Ebook – How to use the power of self-talk and mindset control in your Coaching

It’s a goldmine of insights for your coaching process.

Facilitate your clients’ own thought processes in order to identify solutions and actions.


More awareness of their thoughts, mindset, and self-talk gives every client a better understanding of themselves. Encourage a commitment to action and development of lasting personal growth and change. Get authentic insights and a better understanding of your clients’ state of mind.

Tip: Use it as a self-coaching tool to eliminate your own limiting beliefs

Every tool comes as a professionally-designed PDF, brandable .docx and text file including instructions on how to use it.



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