More than 70 % of all change processes fail (sooner or later)!

Let’s face it: Our clients must work very hard to achieve their goals.


And once the Coaching is finished successfully, the real challenge for our clients begins.
They have to implement all the strategies and solutions in their daily life. Roadblocks, motivational gaps, unexpected circumstances, and the good old comfort zone jeopardize the great results of our coaching.

Suppose a client is back to where she started the coaching. How likely is she to book another coaching or to recommend you to colleagues and friends?


You can easily avoid this scenario and create a new income source with structured Follow-up Coaching.

Reinforce the coaching program and provide clients with a lifeline to implement what they’ve learned during their coaching. Show your clients what it takes to achieve lasting change and sustainable success. Customized and structured follow-up coaching prevents setbacks and helps to maintain the results they achieve.




Follow-up Coaching is also a next-level opportunity: People yearn to go deeper and continue growing. It’s not just a continuation but the next step in their journey from where they are to where they want to be. It gives them what they need to advance to the next level.

It’s an additional revenue stream and increases the lifetime value of each client.

What do you get? Raving clients who refer your service to their friends! 70 % of all change processes fail? Not with your Follow-up Coaching!


This Toolkit is all it takes to provide professional Follow-up Coaching:


  • Tool 1 (Basic) – The positive journal – Focus on positive results and experiences. Initiates an inner dialogue that helps to gain new perspectives.
  • Tool 2 (Basic) – My week: Plan & Review – The client plans the action steps to take for the next week, and in the second part, reflects on the positive experiences and progress she has made.
  • Tool 3 (Basic) – From theory to practice – Reinforces improved behavior and changes. Roadblocks and unhelpful patterns will be uncovered and avoided.
  • Tool 4 – Don’t you fall back – Avoids setbacks and regressions. Helps clients who are stuck in their comfort zone.
  • Tool 5 – Use your strengths – Trains the clients’ awareness of their strengths and resources. It also encourages them to take action.
  • Tool 6 – Escape the dead end – Strengthens self-confidence and a positive mindset. It helps to celebrate the „small wins“ and to stay on track.
  • Tool 7 – Awareness journal – Strengthens the awareness of success and progress, keeps the client motivated and self-confident.



This Follow-up Coaching toolkit helps you shine and works for every kind of coaching (life, business, leadership, partnership…) and counseling.

Each tool comes as a professionally-designed PDF, brandable .docx, and text file including instructions on how to use it.



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