How to Start a New Career?

11 Invaluable Coaching Tools and Exercises to Change Your Career Path!


The desire for a career change can have various reasons. Especially today, many people are threatened with losing their jobs due to digitalization and the economic crisis.

The new home office culture and the pandemic are other factors that force some of us to start a new career. Others simply desire a new challenge in life or want to follow their passion.


The idea of starting a new career inevitably brings up a series of questions that we should answer to succeed:


  • What do I want to do, and what am I particularly good at?
  • What fulfills me, and what gives me pleasure?
  • What are my goals and priorities in life, and how are they aligned with my career change plan?
  • Would I prefer to be an employee or an entrepreneur?


In addition to these critical questions, many feel uncertainty, worry, and often even fear of change:


“What if I make the wrong decision? What if I fail?”


This Toolkit is a blueprint for every career change process. It provides a clear structure from finding an idea to making things happen:

Starting with WHY and evaluating the individual situation before analyzing one’s  personal strengths, talents, and qualities. Then taking stock of all the unique qualifications and previous work experience, as these are valuable assets.

Another building block is becoming aware of one’s values, wishes, desires, and goals.

This solid foundation makes generating creative ideas for starting a new career easy. Once the idea is evaluated, it’s time to implement it with a concrete action plan.

This Toolkit includes 11 exercises, worksheets, and questionnaires that cover all these crucial steps along the journey of a successful career change.


The Toolkit has been designed for people who…


  • have already lost their job or are at risk of losing it.
  • are recovering from burnout and want to approach their professional life differently from now on.
  • are in a crisis or feel stuck and feel the urge to change something.
  • finally want to unleash their full potential in their career.
  • are considering a career change but are uncertain about what to do.
  • want to finally find their calling and passion and follow it.
  • want to live a more happy and more satisfying life.


A career change is a big challenge at any age.

Whether changing careers at 40 when we have a family and a loan to pay or in our 50s when we feel like we’re already too old to start something new and think it would be way too risky.

Changes accompany us throughout our lives!




Starting a new career or changing the job always comes with uncertainty and risks. This Toolkit will help to identify and eliminate these uncertainties and fears.

Master the challenge of a career change at any age to live a self-determined and fulfilled life.


Tip: Use it as a Self-Coaching Tool!



The 11 Worksheets and Exercises in this Toolkit cover all the essential steps of any career change:


  1. Starting with WHY: Exploring the motivation and reasons behind the desire for a career change. Am I trying to escape from an unhappy job, or am I pursuing a specific goal?
  2. Dealing with the fear of change: Identifying (hidden) fears and doubts to handle them better or to eliminate them once and for all.
  3. Employee or starting my own business? Answering one of the most critical questions.
  4. My talents, strengths, and abilities: What makes me unique, and how could I use them for my new career?
  5. My qualifications and experience: Knowing all my skills is a true self-confidence booster.
  6. Wishes, values, and goals: Gaining clarity about all aspects and desires that must be considered when starting my new career.
  7. Coming up with ideas: What could I do, and what makes me happy? Finding creative ideas that are in line with my desires and skills.
  8. Evaluating ideas for my career change – Making the right decision on what to do
  9. My Action Plan: The exact roadmap that will lead me to a fulfilling career.
  10. My Weekly Plan – The best way to stay focused, set priorities, and accomplish my goals.
  11. My Weekly Review – A motivation booster. Becoming aware of my success and identifying potential for improvement. The key to making my career change a guaranteed success.



Support clients on their Road to Successful Career Change!

You will also receive detailed instructions for the use and effect of each worksheet and tool.


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