57 Great Couple Therapy Questions For Your Next Session

    Which Questions to ask in Couples Therapy?   This article contains 57 couples therapy and marriage counseling questions. They are a great resource for any couples therapist, and relationship counselor, or coach. The questions will help to identify problematic areas within the relationship. But even when you’re not a therapist, you can use [...]

2024-01-09T07:58:57+01:00January, 2024|

12 Coaching Skills That Make You A Good Coach

    There’s a set of coaching skills that every good coach possesses. What makes a good coach? What are the qualities? There are a number of essential coaching skills you need to become a great coach. In general, a coach supports her client in achieving specific goals or solutions, change processes and personal development. [...]

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Difference Between Coaching vs Counseling vs Training vs Consulting

    Difference between Coaching and Counseling vs Training vs Consulting    Coaching, counseling, training, and consulting are four terms often used in the context of professional and personal development. Although they have similar goals and are often used as synonyms, they are still different. […]

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