5 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance // Coaching-Guide

Struggling with work-life balance is a common problem for many of us. We are constantly juggling a lot of responsibilities between work and home. Demanding workloads, family responsibilities, managing friendships, finding “me time”, and squeezing in all those outside interests seems like an impossible goal. We want to get it all done, but unfortunately, the [...]

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Insights into Goal Setting In Coaching – This Study Will Surprise You

Coaches and their clients have been interviewed about the goal-setting stage in their coaching and the results are surprising: 90 % of the coaches said that they clarify the goals very specific, but only 30 % of the clients perceived it as such. The majority of them (70 %) have the feeling that their goals [...]

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How to Control your Thoughts and Mind in 3 Steps – Self-talk as a valuable Source for Coaching

Self-talk is a valuable source for your coaching business. You’ll get authentic insights and better understanding of your clients’ state of mind. In addition or alternatively to common questioning techniques you can facilitate and support clients’ own thought processes in order to identify solutions and actions. More awareness of their thoughts and self-talk gives every client [...]

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Goal Setting, Tracking and Achieving – A “How To” not only for Coaching

Goal setting is about identifying what you want to achieve and how. A good goal motivates and energizes, it’s inspiring, challenges you and pushes you to grow. Goal setting the first step in every coaching process, in personal development and also a crucial part in business. Setting the right goals may seem like an easy [...]

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How to use the power of the inner dialogue in coaching

What is an internal dialogue (or inner dialogue)? As everyone, you may have already caught yourself having an inner dialogue. A quick definition: It’s our character or ego speaking with itself. This self dialogue is especially intense during and after an emotional exciting experience and when a close friend is missing, with whom you want [...]

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8 Benefits Of Coaching & When You Should Hire A Coach – Infographic

What are the benefits of coaching? When should I consider hiring a coach? These are the two questions visitors of your website ask themselves. This infographic answers these two questions visually appealing. You can easily embed it on your website or blog to show clients and prospects the benefits and reasons for a coaching with [...]

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Follow-Up Coaching – How to provide coaching that creates lasting change, outcomes and results

Follow-up coaching is often disregarded and can be called the forgotten part of coaching. This article shows the importance of a structured follow-up coaching. How it improves your coaching business, how it helps to create sustainable results for your clients and an additional revenue stream for you.     […]

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How Journal Writing Is Key To Success In Coaching, Therapy And Counseling

Journal writing is key to success in coaching, counseling and also in therapy. This article will put the lights on the huge benefits of keeping a journal or diary (whichever term you like best) for you and your clients has. Journaling is often mentioned as an effective strategy for personal growth and has very specific [...]

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Mindset development – How to change it sustainably with Coaching

Change your mindset and achieve anything – Is it really that easy? The crux of the „mindset“: Change your mindset and your life takes the corresponding new direction The dominant concept and credo in the coaching market sounds more or less like this.   […]

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12 Coaching Skills That Make You A Good Coach

There’s a set of coaching skills that every good coach possesses. What makes a good coach? What are the qualities? There are a number of essential coaching skills you need to become a great coach. In general, a coach supports her client in achieving specific goals or solutions, change processes and personal development. But what [...]

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