15 Impactful Worksheets & Exercises for Building Resilience, Inner Strength, and Managing Stress


Have you ever wondered why some people sail through life’s storms while others are knocked down?

Resilience is the answer!

It is our ability to respond well to challenges and setbacks, to persist in the face of failure rather than give up, to cope effectively with stress, and to recover from difficult experiences.

Building resilience is the key to turning everyday challenges into successes.


Ever-increasing demands have created an environment where many people feel overwhelmed and unable to manage the high expectations of their daily lives.

As a result, people find themselves constantly multitasking, chronically overwhelmed and pulled in too many different directions.

This can lead to feelings of helplessness, insomnia, overeating, anxiety, depression, negative coping behavior, and a state of resignation. This state could be described as a sense of feeling defeated and incapable of creating change.


Here are just a few more examples of why resilience is so important nowadays:


  • Mastering stress and difficult situations
  • Maintaining balance and health during difficult times
  • Dealing successfully with health problems
  • The amazing feeling of being in control of life
  • Finding solutions to complex problems
  • Transform failure into success
  • Building the inner strength to succeed in life
  • Increased physical and psychological health
  • Increased self-confidence and sense of self


This Toolkit provides you with all the worksheets, questionnaires, and exercises you need to guide your clients on the road to resilience.




Tip: Use it as a self-coaching tool to build and strengthen your own resilience!




Like building muscle, building resilience takes time and focusing on certain key components.

The 15 worksheets and exercises in this Toolkit cover all of them:


  1. How resilient am I? – Exploring the status quo in detail.
  2. The path to living authentically – Knowing and holding to my personal values and using my strengths.
  3. Exploring and strengthening my sense of self – This leads to healthy self-esteem and increases resilience.
  4. How I See Myself – Observe your inner dialogue and gain more self-awareness.
  5. Becoming More Resilient by Staying Healthy – How to increase your energy level and live a healthier lifestyle.
  6. Creating a Work-Home Transition Routine – Switching off is the key to maintaining a good work-life balance.
  7. Recognizing and Managing My EmotionsKnowing how to master stress and challenges better will positively affect your personal well-being and relationships.
  8. How to Cope With Stress And Become More Resilient – Exploring ways to manage and reduce stress and identifying stressors.
  9. Self-Efficacy And Why Believing in Myself Matters – A high level of self-efficacy leads to resilience and persistence in the face of hurdles and setbacks.
  10. How to Stand Up For My Opinion And Convictions (when no one else agrees) – This exercise will skyrocket your self-confidence.
  11. My Personal Support Network – It kicks in where your abilities and know-how end. It’s a system of giving, receiving, and sharing within a network of like-minded people. Analyze and improve your support network.
  12. Achieving a Healthy Work-Life-Balance – The key to more energy, physical and psychological health, and for that reason, a better ability to deal with stress, hurdles, and challenges.
  13. Finding & Understanding My Purpose in Life – Investing the time to find out your purpose in life will set you up for success in the long run. This exercise will help to find it.
  14. Becoming a Solution Finder And Possibility Thinker – Learn how to create creative solutions to our most difficult challenges and problems.
  15. My Action Plan for Building Resilience – Implementing all the new ideas, strategies, behaviors, and habits.


This Toolkit was designed for:

  • Coaching
  • Counseling
  • Therapy
  • To build and strengthen your own resilience!
  • Use the tools to create an entire program around “Boosting Resilience and Inner strength”


Support clients on their Road to Resilience!

You will also receive detailed instructions for the use and effect of each worksheet and tool.


Every tool comes as a professionally-designed printable PDF, brandable .docx and text file including instructions on how to use it.


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