Is Self-Love Selfish? The Difference Between Self-Love And Selfishness

    Is Self-Love Selfish? The Difference Between Self-Love And Selfishness Self-love and egoism or selfishness are treated like synonyms in the mind of many people. Therefore when thinking of self-love, often certain phrases or beliefs come to mind:   “I don’t want to be perceived as selfish! “I can’t only think of myself!” [...]

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22 Self-Love Exercises – How To Love Yourself And Be Confident

    How To Learn Self-Love – And Is It Even Possible?   Totally! Self-love can be learned and here are some great exercises to help you along your journey. Real Self-Love is the key to a happy life, true satisfaction, and ultimately real prosperity. It frees us from the constant craving for the approval [...]

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Sustaining Success – How to Preserve Achievements in Coaching (Follow-Up)

      How can we preserve the achievements our clients made in coaching? How to prevent that everyday life with all its old habits and routines takes over again after a short period? How to ensure lasting client success?   […]

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Client Motivation in Coaching, Counseling, and Therapy: Prevent Clients From Quitting

    Every Coach, Counselor, and Therapist has to deal with the topic of client motivation and engagement. Without motivation, there’s no action, and therefore no progress. […]

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The Key to More Engagement in Coaching, Counseling, and Therapy

    Client Engagement is a topic all coaches and counselors have to deal with. It’s a crucial factor for the success of any change process. If clients have the attitude that the coaching will magically fix all their issues and that they don’t have to do anything for it, the process is sure to [...]

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Common Career Change Fears And 3 Tips For Overcoming Them

    Changing Jobs: Dealing with anxiety, fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs   The desire of making a career change often comes with mixed feelings for many people. On the one hand, there is the excitement about a new chapter in life with all its opportunities and experiences. On the other hand, however, there is [...]

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The Magic of Calmness During Turbulent Times – Finding Calmness

    During these turbulent times, it is not always easy to find some rest, stay calm, and take the time to self-reflect on one’s strengths. The media is bombarding us with new information every day, many of them negative. They are constantly hyping their news and driving us from a reasonable state into irrational [...]

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Couples Therapy and Counseling Questions: What to a Ask in the First Intake Session

    The first session of couples therapy or counseling is all about getting to know your clients, understanding their problems, and finding out how each individual perceives the issues in their relationship. […]

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First Couples Therapy Session: Intake Session together or separately?

  One of the first questions every couples therapist and couples counselor must face is how to conduct the first session. Is it better to meet with both partners separately at the beginning or should one talk directly with both partners together? […]

2022-04-30T10:34:19+02:00April, 2022|

How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs as a Coach, Counselor, or Therapist

      As coaches, counselors, and therapists we are regularly dealing with our clients’ limiting beliefs. “Which beliefs are stopping them from accomplishing their goals and what negative thought patterns are making the desired change more difficult or even impossible?” But limiting beliefs also affect us in our work as coaches and therapists. [...]

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