How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs as a Coach, Counselor, or Therapist

      As coaches, counselors, and therapists we are regularly dealing with our clients’ limiting beliefs. “Which beliefs are stopping them from accomplishing their goals and what negative thought patterns are making the desired change more difficult or even impossible?” But limiting beliefs also affect us in our work as coaches and therapists. [...]

2022-04-25T14:41:10+02:00April, 2022|

Moral Perfectionism – One of the Biggest Roadblocks to Success

  Why is (moral) perfectionism one of the biggest roadblocks to success? And how much of a perfectionist am I?   Many of us consciously or unconsciously aim to be perfect. Perfectionism is widely associated with people who are obsessed with details and who feel stressed when things don’t work out the way they imagined [...]

2022-04-19T16:47:54+02:00April, 2022|

Self-Reflection: How To Guide Including Questions (+ Worksheet & Exercises)

    Self-Reflection is an essential skill to learn for anyone interested in getting to know themselves better. This how-to guide will show you what self-reflection is, why it is important, and how you can enhance your reflection skills with the right questions, exercises, and tools. […]

2022-02-04T14:14:46+01:00February, 2022|

How to Keep Your New Year Resolution – The Ultimate New Year Goals Worksheet

    It’s the same thing every year… On the last night of the year, we make our new year resolutions and set goals for the upcoming 12 months. Exercising more, eating healthier, stopping smoking, losing a pound or two, or finally getting the job we’ve been always dreaming about. We’ve all been there and [...]

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Why Do I Compare Myself to Others? How to Stop it

  Why Do I Compare Myself to Others?   Many of us keep comparing ourselves to others day in day out. Who is looking better than me? Who is more athletic? Who is a better chef? Who gets more attention than me? Who is more successful than me? Who is luckier in life? If only [...]

2021-12-03T16:11:49+01:00December, 2021|

Knowing Your Self-Worth – The Best Therapy for Perfectionism

  Do you know your self-worth? Are you aware of all your unique abilities, know-how, and character traits?   Many of us aren’t. And this lack of self-worth can lead to compulsive perfectionism. Perfectionism is often the source of distress, anxiety, or even depression. Let’s evaluate how our self-worth is connected to perfectionism and why [...]

2021-12-02T17:11:41+01:00December, 2021|

Overcoming Perfectionism – 10 Tips On How to Stop Perfectionism

  Many people take it as a compliment to be labeled a perfectionist. They assume there can be nothing wrong with being perfect, comparing yourself to the best in their category, and setting the highest possible standards for everything. So why should you even consider overcoming your perfectionism? […]

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