A Powerful & Proven Way to Build Good Habits And Break Bad Ones

Help Your Coaching Clients to Make Positive Changes That Last!


Habits are our brain’s powerful way of increasing its efficiency. They are our autopilot system to manage life easier. Turning daily actions and behaviors into habits frees up our brainpower for more important challenges.

Even bad habits often benefit our well-being. The short-term effect is a better mood and reduced stress. But they often have a negative long-term impact on our health and life.


But why can’t we stop if we know something is bad for us?

It’s because all bad habits provide some kind of pleasure, like relieving stress when smoking or feeling happy while eating sweets. This good feeling prompts our brain to release dopamine. When we are not performing our habit our brain craves to do it again to get its reward.

This means our brains work against us and keep us craving the things we’re trying so hard to resist. Understanding this allows us to develop strategies to help us make the changes we want.


Bad habits affect our life and may even prevent us from achieving our goals. They waste our time and energy and sometimes jeopardize our health.

Everyone has a bad habit, whether it’s smoking, eating junk food, being disorganized, biting fingernails, drinking too much coffee, or wasting time watching TV and surfing the internet.


This Toolkit is the blueprint to break bad habits and build good habits that put your clients on the desired life path!




Tip: Use it as a Self-Coaching Tool to build healthy habits and break the bad ones!




Like building muscle, creating good and eliminating bad habits takes time and focus on certain key components.

The 10 worksheets and exercises in this Toolkit cover all of them:


I. How to Build Good Habits that last

  1. How to pick the right habit to change my life
  2. The Implementation Plan – My foundation for lasting success: Let’s make sure that the new habit sticks
  3. How to Make My New Habit Easy & Satisfying
  4. The Habit Tracker – What gets measured gets done
  5. Regular Progress Review – The Key for Change that Lasts

II. How to Break A Bad Habit And Replace It With A Good One

  1. Becoming Aware of My Bad Habits And Their Consequences
  2. Identifying My Bad Habit Triggers – Gaining Back Control
  3. How to Replace My Bad Habit With a Good One
  4. Breaking Bad Habits is Hard – Let’s Make it Easier
  5. Regular Progress Review – Goodbye Bad Habits


*BONUS: Infographic – How to start a new habit and stop bad habits*


Support clients on their Road to Better Habits!

You will also receive detailed instructions for the use and effect of each worksheet and tool.


Every tool comes as a professionally-designed printable PDF, brandable .docx and text file including instructions on how to use it.

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