During these turbulent times, it is not always easy to find some rest, stay calm, and take the time to self-reflect on one’s strengths.
The media is bombarding us with new information every day, many of them negative.
They are constantly hyping their news and driving us from a reasonable state into irrational emotions and behaviors. Especially during the pandemic, a climate of constant fear and worries has been created.

Everywhere we are confronted with headlines that are supposed to keep our minds busy. This inevitably influences our mood and state of mind. Some people even feel constantly worried or even anxious.

All these news prevent us from coming down and finding inner peace. Instead of listening to our inner voice, we perceive reality as it is imposed on us from the outside. In the end, we lose ourselves.


Finding Calm in the Chaos


To remain stable in times of change and crisis, we must find calmness, let our inner voice have its say, and listen to our common sense. This enables us to regain our power and inner strength.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what many of us have completely forgotten in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the flood of news and information.


So how can we reactivate this inner strength and power?


We need to switch off, get away from everything, and dive into silence! Only then do we learn to take the so-called external observer perspective over time. From this point of view, all the news and events can be perceived from a neutral perspective. We get a bird’s eye view of events and we can then classify and act with the guidance of our inner voice and common sense.


From here it also becomes much easier for us to discern between the things we can change and actively influence and those we cannot. This enables us to deal more calmly with all the things over which we have no influence. At the same time, we know exactly what we are capable to change and can act accordingly.


We are back in the driving seat of our lives and break out of the (passive) victim mentality. We will be able to make the right decisions and stay calm in difficult times. We act self-responsible and come out stronger out of crises.

Especially self-responsibility is something that many of us have unlearnt over the years. Some people, especially the younger generation, never even really learned it. We rely on the government, some institutions, or other external forces to fix our situation or problems. And if it doesn’t work out, at least we don’t have to blame ourselves.


Back to Inner Strength and Power through Self-Reflection


Relearning self-responsibility and regaining our strength is possible through self-reflection. It is a wonderful tool that is best trained in a calm and silent atmosphere.

It sets an inner dialogue in motion and enables us to recognize what we can control and influence and what not. The stronger we are mentally, the less are we negatively affected by all the news and headlines.

We regain control of our lives, stay calm even in turbulent times and regain inner strength!