what-makes-a-good-coachWhat makes a good coach?

In general, a coach supports her client in achieving specific goals, change processes and personal development by providing guidance. But what distinguishes an average coach from a great coach?






Reality is that most coachings offer support in clearing and shifting clients’ viewpoints for the purpose of achieving desired development and/or creating new patterns in their life.

But every new pattern or every step in our development needs to be confirmed by our experiences
(in our daily lives). These experiences need to be enhancing and positive in order to proceed with them and to make them part of our life (as a lasting pattern).
As we are a social species we have to test and proof all our behavior in social interactions.
This way we became who we are. It determines how we filter our impressions and how we act in our lives.


Even latest brain research confirms this fact. It shows that change and development is a process.
This process is initiated by an event (coaching sessions).

But once the session is done the challenge for our clients to confirm these new aspects in their lives just starts! Oftentimes the client is left on her own until the next session.
Coaching says: Only the client is responsible to follow through and to implement the topics of the sessions. That’s true! But there’s one key characteristic that distinguishes the average coach from a great coach.


What makes a good coach?

A great coach knows the challenges her clients will face after the sessions. Why not providing these information and why not offering support in this crucial phase of the process?
…only because we are not responsible?

Why not change our point of view in respect of these new facts neuroscience and brain research is
providing to us?




Qualities of a good coach

Integrating this important part of the process gives us the opportunity to increase the quality of coaching and makes it so much more than the event of changing viewpoints and training new patterns. It makes us coaches a real companion of the entire process. And life is all about such processes!
Let us provide a completely new coaching experience with more lasting results and success of our clients.

Let us guide our clients after the coaching by offering help to self-help to strengthen the required
qualities in the „process of confirmation“: These qualities are self-responsibility, discipline, persistence, motivation, resilience and (self-)awareness.


How to be a good coach – not just an average one…

By offering follow-up and follow through our coaching is a real companionship in change processes
(and development) for lasting results.
Our clients will reward us with new coaching requests when new challenges arise.
The recommendations will boost our business and coaching will reach the next level.

With only a shift of viewpoint from the inspiring event to a real process guidance.
Even if major parts of todays economy promote the shortcut.
Life is proving us: Everything is a process!


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