• Basic Coaching Toolkit

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    • What should I ask during the discovery session?
    • And how does a professional intake form look like?
    • How can I demonstrate to my clients the tremendous value they get out of each session?
    • And at the same time let them share their key insights with me?
    • How can I easily document the entire journey of each client and make my session prep a matter of two minutes?
    We've got you covered with a basic coaching toolkit that answers all these questions and so much more. It includes all the basic tools and templates you need to provide professional coaching. 7 ready to use tools that cover every stage of a coaching process from the discovery session to the evaluation stage. The toolkit provides structure, transparency and helps each of your clients to get the most out of every coaching session with you! Never worry again about “How to start or organize the next coaching session?”… Let your clients document their own process and progress.  
    • Tool 1: Before the first session - The perfect starting point with new clients. Helps outlining what your clients expect from the coaching relationship
    • Tool 2: Coaching client intake form - Essential for every coaching! Clients nail down their goals and expectations. A great sum up for the first session and perfect to keep record of what you've agreed to
    • Tool 3: Client's gold nuggets - An invaluable tool with pondering questions that help your clients discover their key insights of each session. Bonus: They record their own journey throughout the process
    • Tool 4: Coaching record template - Track reactions of clients, methods and ideas used in the session (and how they worked). Gain insights on strategies, questions and the overall success of the session and become an even better coach. Write down comments and ideas to have a starting point for the next session. Note taking made easy
    • Tool 5: Shared To-Do List -  Simply writing down their to-dos will double the chance that your clients take action. A shared to-do list will let you both know what is getting done and what isn’t at any moment in time. Help your clients to easily identify where they struggle and provide support whenever needed.
    • Tool 6: Coaching session plan template - This pre-session questionnaire makes your session prep easy like never before. Never think about "Which topic should be covered in our next session" again. It's win-win: Clients prepare and focus on their upcoming session and you already know what bothers them most at the moment.
    • Tool 7: Evaluation - Gain invaluable insights and help clients to keep track of their actions and results. Find out “what works” and identify if the coaching is meeting the expected changes and impacts. It will also help you to find out if additional follow-up coaching is necessary and reasonable
          Provide continuity and a bridge between sessions – your clients stay longer in the coaching state of mind and accomplish more! This basic coaching toolkit helps you shine and stand out! It works for every kind of coaching (life, business, leadership, partnership...) and counseling. Every tool comes as a professionally-designed PDF, brandable .docx and text file including instructions on how to use it.    

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  • Follow-Up Coaching Toolkit

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    More than 70 % of all change processes fail (sooner or later)! Let's face it: Our clients have to work very hard to achieve their goals. And once the Coaching is finished successfully the real challenge for our clients begins. They have to implement all the strategies and solutions in their daily life. Roadblocks, motivational gaps, unexpected circumstances and the good old comfort zone jeopardize the great results of our coaching. If a client is back to where she started the coaching. How likely is she to book another coaching or to recommend you to colleagues and friends? You can easily avoid this scenario and create a new income source with a structured Follow-up Coaching. Reinforce the coaching program and provide clients with a lifeline to implement what they've learned during their coaching. Show your clients that you know what it takes to achieve lasting change and sustainable success. A customized and structured follow-up coaching prevents setbacks and helps to maintain the results they achieved. Follow-up Coaching is also a next level opportunity: People yearn to go deeper and to continue to grow. It's not just a continuation but the next step in their journey from where they are to where they want to be. It gives them what they need to advance to the next level. It's an additional revenue stream and increases the lifetime value of each client. What do you get? Raving clients who refer your service to their friends! 70 % of all change processes fail? Not with your Follow-up Coaching!   This toolkit is all it takes to provide a professional Follow-up Coaching:
    • Tool 1 (Basic) - The positive journal – Focus on positive results and experiences. Initiates an inner dialogue which helps to gain new perspectives
    • Tool 2 (Basic) – My week: Plan & Review – Client plans the action steps to take for the next week and in the second part reflects on the positive experiences and progress she has made.
    • Tool 3 (Basic) – From theory to practice – Reinforces improved behavior and changes. Roadblocks and unhelpful patterns will be uncovered and avoided.
    • Tool 4 – Don't you fall back – Avoids setbacks and regressions. Helps clients who are stuck in their comfort zone
    • Tool 5 – Use your strengths – Trains the clients' awareness for their strengths and resources. It also encourages them to take action
    • Tool 6 – Escape the dead end – Strengthens the self-confidence and a positive mindset. Helps to celebrate the „small wins“ and to stay on track
    • Tool 7 – Awareness journal – Strengthens the awareness of success and progress, keeps the client motivated and self-confident
        This Follow-up Coaching toolkit helps you shine and works for every kind of coaching (life, business, leadership, partnership...) and counseling. Each tool comes as a professionally-designed PDF, brandable .docx and text file including instructions on how to use it.    

    *Bonus: Order today to get the eBook Coaching Navigation Method © - 4 Steps to Sustainable Coaching Success for FREE


    Get instant access to the Toolkit for just $49

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