A coaching case study with Leadership Coach Christine Rudolph:

She gives us an insight into her coaching philosophy and reveals how she manages to effortlessly maintain rapport and contact between personal meetings with clients.


How would you describe yourself and your Coaching?


Highly creative – Yogini and Asia lover – expertise in business and in the therapeutic area. Trauma therapist. Yoga teacher.
My expertise lies in connecting seemingly incompatible topics.
Energy and business. Creativity and management. Yoga and Industry.
College and Magic.

As a highly creative whirlwind and scanner personality with Hungarian roots, I find individual and very in-depth approaches with my clients in the area of feminine essence and female leadership excellence – inside-out.


What is your philosophy and understanding of Coaching?


My why: “… to ignite a spark on people’s inner diamond so that the world can heal …” To go in search of the “inner diamond”, to “free it from dust” and make it shine (again) – Follow one’s own path, that is what I love to do with my clients from the bottom of my heart. My philosophy: Inside – Out. From the inside to the outside.

Before I coach female entrepreneurs in business, it is essential to get down to the basics: into life “design”. This is the basis, also for all (business and brand) topics. First the inside. Then outside.


How does a typical coaching process with you look like?


After a client’s contact request, we arrange a first meeting (online) in which we clarify their concerns, goals as well as whether it “fits” between us.

My coaching and mentoring programs are complete transformation programs over a period of 3, 6, and 9 months, in which we work together in person every 2 weeks and in between this via CleverMemo – my personal member area for clients.


In your opinion, what challenges arise if clients are coached only in sessions without being supported between them?


From my point of view, this is not advisable for transformative coaching because the contact and rapport are broken.


Why did you decide to use CleverMemo?


I offer transformation support over long periods of time and it is important to me to be able to support my clients between our meetings. Questions, tasks, and also “emergency calls” can be processed via CleverMemo as a secure coaching platform.

I immediately receive a notification message by e-mail as soon as a client shares something on the platform, I can answer him/her in a fast and secure way.


How exactly do you use CleverMemo in your everyday life as a coach?


CleverMemo is integrated with all of my clients right from the start of our coaching. I regularly share “homework” between appointments and receive valuable feedback from my clients after a session.

The ready-made documents and coaching tools are a big help in my daily work and after adjusting them once to my needs, they are always at hand and can be used quickly.


Where do you see the greatest advantage of working with CleverMemo?


It enables me to stay in touch with my clients even better and I always have the big picture of each client’s process at hand, since everything is in one tool.

The clients have a wonderfully protected area in which they can reflect only for themselves – and so do I (e.g. creating notes on the session, that are only visible to me)


Where can we learn more about yourself and your work?


On my Homepage, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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