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Perfectionism: A new mass phenomenon?

13 Powerful Worksheets to Overcome Perfectionism


Silence the doubts, shed unrealistic expectations, and embrace imperfection

  Many of us feel constant inner pressure and stress, striving to do everything perfectly and avoid mistakes at all costs.  

But where does this pressure come from?

From a young age, society and the media fill our heads with ideals, standards, and role models. We often adopt these and make them our own without even realizing it. Meeting these standards seems the safest way to become successful and likable. Today, this pressure is bigger than ever. Social media, influencers, and TV shows present certain behaviors as the only acceptable options, making it tough not to feel obliged to conform.   This often leaves us feeling like we're never good enough, as we tie our self-worth almost entirely to meeting these external standards. Besides those „new“perfectionists influenced by external factors, there are also traditional ones who have their own deep-seated reasons for their unrealistic high standards.  

Maybe you can relate to some of these statements or heard your clients say:

  • I always feel the pressure to do everything right.
  • I feel like I fail if I can't perform certain things.
  • I only deserve love and appreciation when I'm perfect and don't make any mistakes.
  • I'm afraid others will laugh at or reject me if I do something wrong.
  • I often don't even start things because I'm afraid to fail or not be good enough.
  • I avoid doing things when I'm afraid not to meet my standards or expectations.
  Striving for perfection and excellence in a healthy and balanced manner is the foundation for personal growth and enables us to accomplish our goals. But when this pursuit for perfection becomes excessive, compulsive, and non-negotiable we call it perfectionism. It becomes a serious problem as it makes us constantly feel under pressure, stressed, and often even anxious. We lose our joy in life.   coaching-tools-clevermemo-info-en  

Perfectionism can lead to many health problems, such as distress, anxiety, and even depression - and it's on the rise!


The Perfectionism Toolkit has been developed for people who...

  • feel like they fail at everything they try.
  • procrastinate regularly — they might avoid tasks or resist starting them because they’re afraid they’ll be unable to complete them perfectly.
  • struggle to make decisions, as they could be wrong.
  • become very controlling in their personal and professional relationships.
  • adjust their actions according to the expected reaction of their environment.
  • become obsessed with rules, lists, and work, or become extremely apathetic.
  • constantly feel restless and stressed out because it feels impossible to accomplish one's goals.
  • do everything to avoid being criticized or ridiculed.

Perfectionism combines fears, beliefs, self-imposed inflexible rules, and unrelenting standards.

  This Toolkit has been developed by a team of experienced psychologists and coaches and is based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). The first step is an assessment that will help clients become aware if they are perfectionists. This is so important because many people don't even know that their perfectionism is the source of their constant dissatisfaction and distress. The questionnaires and exercises make clients aware of their own patterns and help resolve false beliefs, unhelpful thinking patterns, and fears. Once the root cause of perfectionism is identified, the non-negotiable standards and rules can be replaced by healthier and more balanced ones.   Finally letting go of perfectionism is liberating and a real energy booster!  Your clients will be able to accept and love themselves with all their flaws and imperfections. They learn to accept themselves for who they are without the constant fear of criticism, ridicule, or rejection. They can say goodbye to the feeling of not being worthy and good enough. This automatically leads to more authenticity and, thus, more happiness, inner satisfaction, and health.  

Tip: Use it as a Self-Coaching Tool to overcome your own perfectionism!


Like building muscle, letting go of Perfectionism takes time and focus on certain key components.

The 13 worksheets and exercises in this Toolkit cover all of them:

  1. Assessment: Am I A Perfectionist? And How Does It Affect My Life? The Ultimate Perfectionism Test
  2. Understanding Perfectionism: Becoming aware of my unrelenting standards, expectations, and rules for living
  3. Changing My Perfectionism – Setting The Right Goals
  4. Identifying the reason behind my non-negotiable standards and creating more balanced ones
  5. Let's Take Action – Letting Go Of My Perfectionism
  6. STOP Comparing Yourself to others: Why it makes you unhappy and how you stop it
  7. Identifying And Dealing With My Perfectionism Triggers
  8. My Self-Worth And What It's Based On – Relaxing my Perfectionism and finding ways to raise my self-esteem
  9. Let's Break The Vicious Cycle Of Perfectionism-Procrastination
  10. PIT-Stop – My Blueprint When Perfectionism Kicks In
  11. Nobody Is Perfect - Training My Imperfection Tolerance Helps Me Go Through Life More Relaxed And Less Stressed
  12. Perfectionism Journal: Allows every Master of Self-Criticism to become aware and control their perfectionist thinking
  13. Regular ReviewGoodbye All-or-Nothing Thinking. It's time to become aware of my progress and to identify room for improvement

This Toolkit was designed for:

  • Coaching
  • Counseling
  • Therapy (CBT)
  • Self-Coaching: Let go of your own Perfectionism!

Support clients on their Road to Overcome Perfectionism!

You will also receive detailed instructions for the use and effect of each worksheet and tool.   Every tool comes as a professionally-designed printable PDF, brandable .docx, and text file including instructions on how to use it. + It will be immediately unlocked in your CleverMemo Account.  

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