14 Impactful Worksheets & Exercises for Couples Therapy, Counseling and Relationship Coaching

      What if someone told you there is a magic formula to make any relationship work? A relationship full of trust, passion, open communication, and harmony. Forget about constant arguments, infidelity, and communication breakdowns. I'm sure you wouldn't believe it, and for good reason!   If there was a blueprint to make any relationship work someone would file a patent and make millions with it. Until we can find that magic formula we have to rely on proven exercises that are designed to bring out the best in both partners, and strengthening the quality of their relationship. That's where these 14 powerful and ready-to-use worksheets and exercises come into play. You can use them for couples therapy, counseling, relationship coaching or to improve your own relationship.  

    Help your clients to

    • Increase their empathy and understanding for each other
    • Deepen their intimacy and connection
    • Resolve relationship roadblocks before they become impasses
    • Promote self-awareness and identify relationship growth opportunities
    • Identify the relationship goals that will make their love deeper and stronger
      This Toolkit provides you with all the worksheets and exercises you need to guide your clients on the path to a relationship of love, harmony, and growth.   It is based on the knowledge and methods of cognitive-behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and emotionally focused couple therapy.   coaching-tools-clevermemo-feedback-review  

    This Kit includes 14 tools, worksheets, exercises, and questionnaires:

    1. Couples Therapy & Relationship Coaching Intake Form – Get the fundamental background information about your clients. These questions make sure you won't miss anything.
    2. Relationship Assessment - Explores the relationship in a very detailed manner.
    3. Problems in our relationship - Let's fix them - This exercise identifies specific problems or areas to work on.
    4. Goals for our relationship - Help your clients create and shape a vision for their ideal relationship in a SMART way.
    5. The Problem-Solving Blueprint - Once the problems are identified it's time to solve them. This worksheet will guide the way.
    6. Pre-Session Check-In - Get a quick progress report before each session. Effortless session preparation for you.
    7. Gold nuggets of our session - Enable clients to become aware of the key insights and aha-moments of every session.
    8. The Weekly Relationship Journal - The exercise allows clients to keep track of the daily situations, feelings, and thoughts in their relationship.
    9. The Positive Relationship Journal - A Gratitude Exercise - Let's put the focus on positive things
    10. Don't overlook your qualities and strengths! - Strengths as a couple may easily be overlooked. This worksheet helps to become aware of them.
    11. PIT-STOP - Quickly de-escalate any argument with your partner
    12. Let's Improve our Communication - Good communication is an essential part of a healthy relationship. This questionnaire will help to improve it.
    13. Becoming the Best Partner I can be - Each partner will find ways to improve their relationship skills. Do your part in becoming the best partner you can be!
    14. Get Your Needs Met In Your Relationship - A relationship will only have a future if the mutual and individual needs of both partners are met. Identify these needs and fulfill them (where possible)

    This Toolkit was designed for:

    • Couples Therapy
    • Couples Counseling
    • Relationship Coaching
    • To improve your own relationship!

    Support clients on their way to live in the most perfect relationship they could ever dream up!

    You will also receive detailed instructions for the use and effect of each worksheet and tool.   Every tool comes as a professionally-designed printable PDF, brandable .docx and text file including instructions on how to use it.  

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    Coaching Tools – Megapack

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    This Megapack contains more than 20 ready to use worksheets, tools and exercises for your Coaching. It includes these 3 Toolkits:  
    1. Basic Coaching Toolkit includes all the tools and templates you need to provide professional Coaching
    2. The 7 Best Goal-Setting Tools and exercises to help your clients to set the right goals, commit, and actually achieve them!
    3. The Follow-Up Toolkit contains 7 powerful tools and is all it takes to offer and provide a professional follow-up coaching
        This Set is a must-have for every kind of coaching (life, business, leadership, partnership...) and counselling. Every tool comes as a .docx and text file and with instructions on how to use it. Grab this package and save more than 20%    

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  • Burnout as an opportunity!

    Help your clients press the reset button. This toolset allows you to offer professional burnout coaching to your clients.

    How to prevent burnout?

    Stressed out? Exhausted? Overwhelmed? Feel hopeless about your life or work?

    These are the most common warning signs of burnout! The 10-part coaching toolkit burnout prevention and recovery is the secret to unlocking the stress cycle and getting out of the crisis.  
    This toolkit is made for working with your coaching clients but can also be used to help yourself dealing with burnout.
      Burnout is not tied to a specific job category. It can affect managers, as well as nurses or teachers. Your clients (or even you) might be experiencing these typical symptoms:  
    • Feel often in a bad mood and exhausted most of the time. You're frequently snapping over little things.
    • Feel no joy in your work or even hopeless about your work or life.
    • Feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities running from one task to another. It's impossible to switch off.
    • You feel always tired, have no energy and are simply exhausted. Everything is too much.
    • You withdraw more and more from social life and want to hide away from the world.
    • It seems like there's no escape from the current situation.
      Burnout is not something that occurs overnight and it comes in different stages. The symptoms and reasons are also diverse. Long-term stress in the job and work overload is often named but is never the only reason. Burnout creeps into our lives and gets stronger and stronger over time. It will get worse unless we address the underlying issues causing it. If we do not act in time, it leads to complete exhaustion and sometimes even depression. But there is a way to deal with it:   This toolkit enables you to support your clients in recognizing and interpreting the burnout warning signals in time. You learn how to properly deal with stress and to relieve it. The reasons and issues that led to this seemingly hopeless situation are analyzed and remedied.

    It's the secret to unlocking the stress circle and regaining the passion and purpose.

      There is no magic pill or instant cure for burnout, it takes some time. But with these 10 proven step-by-step tools, you and your clients have a blueprint recovery strategy out of the crisis. To live a happy, satisfied, successful and self-determined life!

    Your clients live stress-free, authentic and are the best version of themselves!

      The first step is to find out if the client is at risk of burnout or already affected by it. The next step is to identify and analyze the current situation. Sometimes the issues will be obvious. Other times it will take a deeper analysis to uncover them. Energy drains will be identified and eliminated. Energy sources, resources, and strengths are pointed out and applied. A focus will be put on important aspects such as stress management, time management, and priority-setting. It's all about doing the right things at the right time if it comes to preventing burnout or recovering from it. In the last step, you'll develop a plan to avoid setbacks. The clients learn how to live their life in a happier, authentic and less stressful way.     This 10-part step-by-step Coaching Toolkit includes:
    1. The Burnout Self-Check: Am I at risk of burnout or am I already affected by it?
    2. My Reality - Understanding my current situation: Taking stock of my situation and finding out the "Why".
    3. Identifying Energy drains, Resources and Strengths: How to eliminate energy drains and apply your strengths.
    4. What is (Un)changeable?: Find out what can be changed immediately and how to successfully deal with the unchangeable.
    5. What's the issue?: An in-depth self-analysis: What led to my situation and how can I get out of it.
    6. Time-Management & Priority-Setting: How to reduce time pressure and being the boss of your time.
    7. The Job Analysis: Stress and job dissatisfaction is one of the most common triggers for burnout. How to move your professional life into the right direction.
    8. Stress-Management: How to deal with stress and how to avoid it if possible.
    9. Priority-Setting - Being the boss of your own day: How to organize and structure your day. Do the right things at the right time and eliminate the unimportant things.
    10. I-Balance: How to avoid setbacks. Regain your passion and purpose and finding your roles. Live a happy and meaningful life according to your true needs and considering your abilities.
      It's a goldmine of insights and a great addition to your coaching programs.   Perfect for 1-1 Coachings, groups, workshops, and self-coaching! Every tool comes as a professionally-designed PDF, brandable .docx and text file including instructions on how to use it.    

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  • 15 Impactful Worksheets & Exercises for Building Resilience, Inner Strength, and Managing Stress

      Have you ever wondered why some people sail through life’s storms, while others are knocked down?

    Resilience is the answer!

    It is our ability to respond well to challenges and setbacks, to persist in the face of failure rather than give up, to cope effectively with stress, and to recover from difficult experiences.

    Building resilience is the key to turning everyday challenges into successes.

      Ever-increasing demands have created an environment where many people feel overwhelmed and unable to manage the high expectations of their daily lives. As a result, people find themselves constantly multitasking, chronically overwhelmed, and pulled in too many different directions. This can lead to the feeling of helplessness, insomnia, overeating, anxiety, depression, negative coping behavior. and a state of resignation. This state could be described as a sense of feeling defeated and incapable of creating change.  

    Here are just a few more examples of why resilience is so important nowadays:

    • Mastering stress and difficult situations
    • Maintaining balance and health during difficult times
    • Dealing successfully with health problems
    • The amazing feeling of being in control of life
    • Finding solutions to complex problems
    • Transform failure into success
    • Building the inner strength to succeed in life
    • Increased physical and psychological health
    • Increased self-confidence and sense of self

    This Toolkit provides you with all the worksheets, questionnaires, and exercises you need to guide your clients on the road to resilience.

    Developed by a team of experienced Psychologists and Coaches.

    Tip: Use it as a self-coaching tool to build and strengthen your own resilience!


    Like building a muscle, building resilience takes time and focus on certain key components.

    The 15 worksheets and exercises in this Toolkit cover all of them:

    1. How resilient am I? - Exploring the status quo in detail
    2. The path to living authentically – Knowing and holding to my personal values and using my strengths
    3. Exploring and strengthening my sense of self – This leads to healthy self-esteem and increases resilience
    4. How I See Myself – Observe your inner dialogue and gain more self-awareness
    5. Becoming More Resilient by Staying Healthy – How to increase your energy level and living a healthier lifestyle
    6. Creating a Work-Home Transition Routine - Being able to switch off is the key to maintain a good work-life balance
    7. Recognising and Managing My Emotions – Knowing how to master stress and challenges better will have a positive effect on your personal well-being and your relationships
    8. How to Cope With Stress And Become More Resilient – Exploring ways to manage and reduce stress and identifying stressors.
    9. Self Efficacy And Why Believing in Myself Matters - A high level of self-efficacy leads to resilience and persistence in the face of hurdles and setbacks.
    10. How to stand up for my own opinion and convictions (when no one else agrees with you) - This exercise will skyrocket your self-confidence
    11. My Personal Support Network - It kicks in where your abilities and know-how end. It's a system of giving, receiving, and sharing within a network of like-minded people. Analyze and improve your support network.
    12. Achieving a Healthy Work-Life-Balance - The key to more energy, physical and psychological health, and for that reason a better ability to deal with stress, hurdles, and challenges.
    13. Finding & Understanding My Purpose in Life - Investing the time to find out your purpose in life will set you up for success in the long run. This exercise will help to find it.
    14. Becoming a Solution Finder And Possibility Thinker - Learn how to come up with creative solutions to our most difficult challenges and problems.
    15. My Action Plan for Building Resilience - Implementing all the new ideas, strategies, behaviors, and habits

    This Toolkit was designed for:

    • Coaching
    • Counseling
    • Therapy
    • To build and strengthen your own resilience!
    • Use the tools to create an entire program around "Boosting Resilience and Inner strength"

    Support clients on their Road to Resilience!

    You will also receive detailed instructions for the use and effect of each worksheet and tool.   Every tool comes as a professionally-designed printable PDF, brandable .docx and text file including instructions on how to use it.  

    Get the Toolkit for just $ 89

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  • 23 Tools and Worksheets for Anxiety. Created for Counseling, CBT, and Coaching.

      Feelings of anxiety are common in the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic. It is particularly difficult for people with anxiety disorders and they need support. This Toolkit offers you all the worksheets and tools needed to help clients stop worrying, end panic, and overcome anxiety.   Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problem affecting almost 20 % of the population in the United States. That's around 40 million people in the US only! Anxiety makes us feel trapped in a vicious cycle, alienated, and restricts us from living life to the fullest!   Just like anger and sadness, fear, and anxiety are basic human emotions. Normal levels of anxiety are even helpful and important for our everyday life. It protects us as it helps to recognize danger and allows us to react appropriately. Being anxious if our house is on fire or when someone threatens us with a knife, is perfectly normal.   However, anxiety becomes problematic when we suffer from it and it becomes our constant companion.  

    Typical signs and symptoms of an anxiety disorder are...

    • excessive and constant anxiety and worry about everyday life events (generalized anxiety disorder)
    • extreme fear of being judged by others in social situations (social phobia)
    • anxiety in response to being away from an environment that feels 'safe' (agoraphobia)
    • experiencing recurring panic attacks at unexpected times. (panic disorder)
    • excessive fear of a specific object, situation, or activity (specific phobia)
    • the anxiety of certain situations or places due to a traumatic experience (post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD))
    • suffering from obsessive thoughts or compulsive behavior
      Typical symptoms are excessive worrying, restlessness, irritability, tense muscles, sweating, high blood pressure, or even panic attacks. Difficulties concentrating and sleep disorders are common consequences.  

    Fortunately, there are methods to overcome anxiety nowadays:

    This Toolkit provides you with all the worksheets, exercises, and tools you need to guide your clients on the path to freedom from anxiety. It is based on the knowledge and methods of cognitive-behavioral therapy, which has been proven to be the most effective in the treatment of anxiety and anxiety disorders.    

    It comes with 23 tools, worksheets, exercises, and questionnaires:

    1. Understanding Anxiety & Panic – This exercise was designed to help clients understand their anxiety a bit better
    2. Clarifying expectation, motivation, and goals for overcoming anxiety (Defining the WHY)
    3. Exploring the core fear behind my anxiety
    4. Discovering My Anxiety and its Symptoms: Get to know your fears, their symptoms, and their effects on your life
    5. The Thinking Maze of Anxious Minds: Designed to give you insight into the often dangerous and helpless thinking profile of your clients.
    6. Anxiety Profile: All anxiety triggers, symptoms, thoughts, feelings, and the current way of coping will be identified.
    7. Worry Profile: Constant worry is a common side effect of an anxiety disorder. All worries will be identified and strategies to stop worrying will be elaborated.
    8. Panic Profile: Living with panic attacks is not easy. This worksheet helps to recognize triggers, symptoms, and manage panic attacks.
    9. Beliefs about Anxiety: Negative beliefs can make clients even more anxious. They will be identified and replaced with helpful, positive, and balanced beliefs.
    10. Exploring Social Anxiety: Internal and external anxiety triggers are recognized. Strategies for handling the anxiety and goals for future social situations will be elaborated.
    11. Overcoming Social Anxiety: A concrete plan to overcome social anxiety
    12. Anxiety Thought-Log: The worksheet uses practices from cognitive-behavioral therapies. Clients become more aware of their irrational thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
    13. Anxiety-Journal: Helps to control emotions and confront anxiety and fears in a safe environment (in sensu)
    14. Worry-Log: Helps to identify irrational and often destructive thoughts. Now it's possible to challenge and change them. Finally, stop worrying about the what-ifs!
    15. Worry-Journal: Stop worrying all the time. This exercise helps to de-stress, calm the mind, and release worrying thoughts.
    16. Learn to distinguish normal anxiety from problematic anxious concerns.
    17. Countering Anxiety: Adapted from the CBT. A cost/benefit analysis that can be used to challenge unhealthy anxiety-provoking thought-patterns.
    18. Avoidance Profile: Avoidance and escape are typical behaviors that increase anxiety over time. Becoming aware of these behaviors is an important step to overcome anxiety.
    19. Decastrophizing: Catastrophic thinking is characteristic of many anxiety problems. This worksheet is based on CBT and is a perfect tool for cognitive restructuring.
    20. Exposure Hierarchy: This tool is developed by psychologists to help clients develop the skills needed to beat anxiety through tiny little steps. The exercise prepares them for real-life confrontation (in vivo).
    21. Exposure Task Record 1: Feelings, emotions, fears, thoughts, and expectations before the confrontation will be recorded.
    22. Exposure Task Record 2: Feelings, thoughts, and experiences after the confrontation are recorded and compared with the expectations from part 1. Clients become aware that their anxiety was irrational.
    23. Evaluation: Ensures the sustainable success and provides valuable feedback.

    This Toolkit was designed for:

    • Counseling
    • Therapy
    • Coaching

    Support clients on their way to live an anxiety-free life – forever.

    You will also receive detailed instructions for the use and effect of each worksheet and tool.   Perfect for 1-1 Therapy, Counseling, Coachings, groups, workshops, and self-coaching! Every tool comes as a professionally-designed PDF, brandable .docx and text file including instructions on how to use it.    

    *Bonus: Order today to get the eBook Coaching Navigation Method © - 4 Steps to Sustainable Coaching Success for FREE

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    The best way to predict your future is to create it!

    There is no magic pill for a successful business, but there's a process to get there, and you'll find it within this toolkit!
      The world as we know it is changing rapidly and job security is becoming a thing of the past. Globalization and the recent pandemic are just two factors that accelerate this process tremendously. Digitalization and outsourcing are other reasons why the job market is more volatile than ever. Many people will lose their job in the near future or already lost it. They will be forced to reconsider their career plans. The value of a uni education is often not holding up, employers moving from salaried employees to freelance workers, clients refusing to pay for overhead and the dominating large corporates are other factors leading to this job crisis.  

    But there is an opportunity in every crisis!

    While a lot of jobs become obsolete countless new opportunities arise! It's time for people to escape this situation and start creating their future by becoming their own boss! But while thinking about starting their own business, many people are insecure, don't know where to start and would need the support of a coach. Take your chance in one of the fastest-growing niches and offer professional start-up coaching for young entrepreneurs! The „Start a small business toolkit“ is your ready-to-go coaching program and includes all you need to provide high-class support to your clients. It's a combination of exercises, strategies, tips, and tools to help clients launch their own business. Founders face numerous challenges, especially at the beginning of their journey ...
    • How to start my own business and will I be able to succeed?
    • Is my business idea viable and sustainable?
    • Which steps to take when starting?
    • How to market my business and make it thrive?
      Unfortunately, a good business idea and the motivation to create something are rarely enough to establish oneself in the business world. A founder has to overcome many challenges: finding and evaluating the right idea, creating a marketing concept, and winning the first paying customers are just a few of many.  

    The „Start your small business“ Coaching Toolkit is the safest way to guarantee your clients a head start in their journey.


    23 exercises, strategies, tools, and tips developed by experienced coaches and successful entrepreneurs are included:

    Self-exploration and analysis: 1.) Identify my unique talents, skills, strengths, but also weaknesses. 2.) What are my qualifications and how strong is my need for safety and stability? 3.) How to take advantage of my network and contacts 4.) Evaluating my physical and mental strength 5.) Finding my "Why" and staying motivated during challenges Is my business idea viable and sustainable? 6.) How to find the right business idea for me 7.) Testing my business idea: What are the chances of success? How to find my target audience? 8.) Finding my target audience and making price discussions obsolete 9.) Exercise: Identifying my target audience in three simple steps How to position me successfully in the market? 10.) How to make my business stand out from competitors (Blueprint) 11.) Exercise: 5 small steps to determine my Unique Selling Point (USP) 12.) Creating my ideal customer persona! How to win new customers? 13.) Where is my target audience hanging out and how to address them 14.) Exercise: Ways to capture and keep my target audience's attention 15.) Turn prospects into paying customers with these 7 tips 16.) My powerful template for converting more prospects into loyal customers 17.) Effective tactics to get more client referrals How to create a budget for my startup? 18.) The Startup Budget Spreadsheet 19.) The Personal Budget Spreadsheet 20.) Optimizing my Startup Budget Starting my business: Where to begin? 21.) The 90-day action plan - Starting my own business with confidence 22.) The 30-day action plan - Plan my month for success 23.) The 7-day action plan - Doing the right and things at the right time   This Toolkit is made for you if:
    • You are a coach who offers or plans to offer a professional coaching program in the fast-growing niche of founder and small business coaching.
    • Your clients are at risk of losing their jobs or have already been fired. It's time to help them shape their own future!
    • Your clients want to stop dreaming about being free and finally start to become their own boss. The best time to start was yesterday. The second best time is now!
      This ready-to-go toolkit contains all the tools, strategies, and tips to successfully start a thriving business. Tip: Offer your clients a "Start your successful business in just three months" coaching program!   Perfect for 1-1 Coachings, groups, workshops, and self-coaching! Every tool comes as a professionally-designed PDF, brandable .docx and text file including instructions on how to use it.    

    *Bonus: Order today to get the eBook Coaching Navigation Method © - 4 Steps to Sustainable Coaching Success for FREE

    Get the Toolkit today for just $ 129

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