• Basic Coaching Toolkit

    $39.00 + VAT if applicable
    • What should I ask during the discovery session?

    • And what does a professional intake form look like?

    • How can I demonstrate to my clients the tremendous value they from of each session?

    • And at the same time, let them share their key insights with me?

    • How can I easily document the entire journey of each client and make my session prep a matter of two minutes?

      We've got you covered with a Basic Coaching Toolkit that answers all these questions and much more. It includes all the essential tools and templates you need to provide professional coaching. Seven ready-to-use tools that cover every stage of a coaching process, from the discovery session to the evaluation stage.  

    The Toolkit provides structure and transparency and helps your clients get the most out of every coaching session with you! 

    Never worry again about “How to start or organize the next coaching session?”… Let your clients document their own process and progress.

    • Tool 1: Before the first session - The perfect starting point with new clients. It helps outline what your clients expect from the coaching relationship.
    • Tool 2: Coaching client intake form - Essential for every coaching! Clients nail down their goals and expectations. This is a great sum up for the first session and perfect for keeping a record of what you've agreed to.
    • Tool 3: Client's gold nuggets - An invaluable tool with pondering questions that help your clients discover their key insights of each session. Bonus: They record their journey throughout the process.
    • Tool 4: Coaching record template - Track reactions of clients, methods, and ideas used in the session (and how they worked). Gain insights on strategies, questions, and the overall success of the session and become an even better coach. Write down comments and ideas to have a starting point for the next session. Note-taking made easy.
    • Tool 5: Shared To-Do List -  Simply writing down their to-dos will double the chance that your clients take action. A shared to-do list will let you both know what is getting done and what isn’t at any moment in time. Help your clients to identify where they struggle and provide support whenever needed quickly.
    • Tool 6: Coaching session plan template - This pre-session questionnaire makes your session prep easy like never before. Never think about "Which topic should be covered in our next session" again. It's a win-win: Clients prepare and focus on their upcoming session, and you already know what bothers them most.
    • Tool 7: Evaluation - Gain invaluable insights and help clients track their actions and results. Find out “what works” and identify if the coaching meets the expected changes and impacts. It will also help you determine if additional follow-up coaching is necessary and reasonable.
          Provide continuity and a bridge between sessions – your clients stay longer in the coaching state of mind and accomplish more! This Basic Coaching Toolkit helps you shine and stand out! It works for every kind of coaching (life, business, leadership, partnership...) and counseling. Every tool comes as a professionally-designed PDF, brandable .docx, and text file, including instructions on how to use it.    

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    14 Impactful Worksheets & Exercises for Couples Therapy, Counseling, and Relationship Coaching

      What if someone told you there is a magic formula to make any relationship work? A relationship full of trust, passion, open communication, and harmony. Forget about constant arguments, infidelity, and communication breakdowns. I'm sure you wouldn't believe it, and for a good reason!   If there were a blueprint for making any relationship work, someone would file a patent and make millions with it. Until we can find that magic formula, we must rely on proven exercises designed to bring out the best in both partners and strengthen the quality of their relationship. That's where these 14 powerful and ready-to-use worksheets and exercises come into play. You can use them for couples therapy, counseling, relationship coaching, or to improve your own relationship.   coaching-tools-clevermemo-info-en  

    Help your clients to

    • Increase their empathy and understanding for each other
    • Deepen their intimacy and connection
    • Resolve relationship roadblocks before they become impasses
    • Promote self-awareness and identify relationship growth opportunities
    • Identify the relationship goals that will make their love deeper and stronger
      This Toolkit provides all the worksheets and exercises you need to guide your clients toward a relationship of love, harmony, and growth.   It is based on the knowledge and methods of cognitive-behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and emotionally focused couple therapy.   coaching-tools-clevermemo-feedback-review  

    This Kit includes 14 tools, worksheets, exercises, and questionnaires:

    1. Couples Therapy & Relationship Coaching Intake Form – Get the essential background information about your clients. These questions make sure you won't miss anything.
    2. Relationship Assessment - Explores the relationship in a very detailed manner.
    3. Problems in our relationship - Let's fix them - This exercise identifies specific issues or areas to work on.
    4. Goals for our relationship - Help your clients create and shape a vision for their ideal relationship in a SMART way.
    5. The Problem-Solving Blueprint - Once the problems are identified, it's time to solve them. This worksheet will guide the way.
    6. Pre-Session Check-In - Get a quick progress report before each session. Effortless session preparation for you.
    7. Gold nuggets of our session - Enable clients to become aware of every session's key insights and aha moments.
    8. The Weekly Relationship Journal - The exercise allows clients to keep track of the daily situations, feelings, and thoughts in their relationship.
    9. The Positive Relationship Journal - A Gratitude Exercise - Let's put the focus on positive things
    10. Pay attention to your qualities and strengths! - Strengths as a couple may easily be overlooked. This worksheet helps to become aware of them.
    11. PIT-STOP - Quickly de-escalate any argument with your partner
    12. Let's Improve our Communication - Good communication is essential to a healthy relationship. This questionnaire will help to improve it.
    13. Becoming the Best Partner I can be - Each partner will find ways to improve their relationship skills. Do your part in becoming the best partner you can be!
    14. Get Your Needs Met In Your Relationship - A relationship will only have a future if both partners' mutual and individual needs are met. Identify these needs and fulfill them (where possible)

    This Toolkit was designed for:

    • Couples Therapy
    • Couples Counseling
    • Relationship Coaching
    • To improve your own relationship!

    Support clients on their way to living the perfect relationship they could ever dream up!

    You will also receive detailed instructions for the use and effect of each worksheet and tool.   Every tool comes as a professionally-designed printable PDF, brandable .docx and text file including instructions on how to use it.    

    Exclusive Bonus:

    The ultimate guide to making the first couples therapy session a success (including all the "must-ask" questions).

    A successful first session is crucial as it sets the tone, builds trust, identifies key issues, opens communication channels, and motivates the couple to continue working with you.


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    This Personal Growth And Life-Coaching Pack contains 57 ready-to-use worksheets, tools, and exercises for your Coaching. It includes these 6 Toolkits:

      1. The Life-Coaching Toolkit - 7 tools that help your clients discover their strengths, weaknesses, desires, and true ambitions. They develop concrete strategies and action plans and finally take the driver’s seat of their life!
      2. Boost Your Self-Confidence Toolkit - 10 Coaching Tools to help your clients build confidence, recognize their worth, and achieve their goals.
      3. Self-Reflection & Introspection: 11 Powerful Worksheets To Inspire Self-Reflection & Introspection. Gain Knowledge that is impossible in any other way!
      4. Self-Love: The Key to Real Prosperity - 18 Worksheets, Tools, And Exercises - Support clients on their Road to Genuine Happiness and Satisfaction in Life!
      5. The Art Of Setting Boundaries Without Feeling Guilty - 4 Powerful Worksheets: Say No. Speak Up. Take Back Control.
      6. Master Your Emotions - These 7 Tools and Worksheets are the key to surfing on the wave of feelings and emotions instead of being overrun by it.

    This Set is a must-have for every kind of coaching (life, business, leadership, relationship...) and counseling. Every tool comes as a .docx text file, and with instructions on how to use it.


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  • Ultimate Coaching Template Starter Kit

    $99.00 + VAT if applicable


    Are you starting a new coaching business?


    Don't work hard - work smart!

      Many new coaches spend countless hours crafting their own coaching templates, tools, and forms. Endless days of research wasted on Google and reading books about coaching only to answer questions like
    • “How should I set up new clients?“
    • “How to structure my discovery session to win clients?“, and
    • “What to ask on my intake form and how to structure the process?“
      These questions are endless, and setting up a successful coaching business can be overwhelming. At the same time, all you really want is to focus on helping people and building a thriving coaching practice.   Nevertheless, ensuring all the structures and systems are in place is crucial to your success. Topics like attracting clients, coaching contracts, session structure, budget planning, client questionnaires, accountability, coaching tools, and goal-oriented worksheets are the nuts and bolts of coaching. The great news is that you don't have to do all that work because our team of experienced coaches handled all these parts for you.  

    We created The Coaching Starter Kit that allows you to work smarter, not harder!

      It's a comprehensive all-in-one Toolkit with everything to launch and expand your coaching practice – fast and effortless. It contains professional templates, cheat sheets, questionnaires, and tools you can use immediately. The Starter Kit saves you time, money, and the frustration of not knowing where to start. It will help you to set the foundation for a professional and successful coaching business.  

    The Coaching Starter Kit is for you if...

    • You're a new coach that wants to be professional right from the beginning
    • You prefer to coach and grow your practice instead of spending days researching and cobbling together materials.
    • You want confidence right from the start because you know you have professional templates and tools for every situation.
    • You want proven and ready-to-use templates instead of spending money and time on books and resources you don't need.
    • You want to take advantage of experienced and successful coaches who did all the legwork for you.
    • You don't want to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel. Use what's working and start coaching.
    • You want an incredible return on your investment: One hour of coaching will pay for the entire Starter Kit.

    What's included?

    20 powerful coaching templates, tools, exercises, and questionnaires:

      Winning Clients
    • Six tips for converting every lead into a client with practical comp sessions
    • Comp-Session Voucher to get referrals
    • Cheatsheet: 33 Questions to ask potential clients
    • The Ultimate Coaching Business & Marketing Planner
    Coaching Practice Start-Up and Management
    • Coaching Invoice Template
    • Coaching Client Hours Log – Effectively track your certification hours
    • Coaching Business Start-Up Calculator
    Setting up a new client
    • New Client Checklist – Make sure not to forget anything
    • Starting point cheatsheet – Always know where to start
    • Ultimate Session Checklist – What to do before, during, and after each call
    Provide outstanding coaching
    • Coaching client intake questionnaire
    • Basic goal-setting exercise
    • The 5-minute session preparation for clients
    • The action log helps clients get moving and stay on track
    • The session wrap-up prompts clients to document their key insights
    • The session feedback is perfect for evaluating the effectiveness of your coaching
    • The monthly feedback encourages clients to share their progress
    • The coaching feedback allows you to assess the entire process

    It's a goldmine of resources for your coaching business.

      The Starter-Kit Tools come as a professionally-designed PDFs, brandable .docx, and text files including detailed instructions on how to use them.    

    *Bonus: Order today to get the eBook Coaching Navigation Method © - 4 Steps to Sustainable Coaching Success for FREE

    Get the Starter-Kit now for only $ 99

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    Business & Career Coaching Premium Worksheets & Tools


    Seize the opportunity to guide your clients through economically uncertain times confidently!

      Job cuts, bankruptcies, offshoring, intensified competition due to globalization, automation-induced job losses, and the rising influence of artificial intelligence are all generating an atmosphere of uncertainty and triggering massive transformations in the business landscape. Many individuals must switch careers, confront potential bankruptcy, or cope with losing what they once considered a secure job. The full extent of this upheaval may still be uncertain, but one thing remains clear:  

    The demand for coaching and consulting in this field will skyrocket!

      Many people are grappling with how to navigate the future successfully. And this is where you come in: By focusing on assisting clients with professional reorientation and equipping them to thrive in this changing business landscape, you will be flooded with client inquiries in the coming years. This Toolkit will support you in preparing for the future with the most effective and promising tools and methods available.  

    This Career & Business Coaching Pack contains over 75 ready-to-use worksheets, tools, and exercises for your Coaching. It includes these 6 Toolkits:

    1. Starting a Small Business – The Ultimate Coaching Toolkit - 23 exercises, strategies, tools, and tips developed by experienced coaches and successful entrepreneurs.
    2. Successful Career Change: How to Start a New Career? 11 Invaluable Coaching Tools and Exercises to Change Your Career Path!
    3. Find Your Purpose And Unlock Your Full Potential - 15 Impactful Coaching Worksheets & Exercises. For those who feel there is more to life.
    4. Overcome Procrastination And Get Things Done! 9 Coaching Worksheets & Exercises for those who want to take action and catapult their productivity. The blueprint to beat the inner procrastinator!
    5. Work-Life-Balance and Time Management Toolkit - Help your clients to improve their work-life balance and guide them on how to use their precious time wisely.
    6. Ultimate Burnout Prevention and Recovery Toolkit - The 10-part Coaching toolkit burnout prevention and recovery is the secret to unlocking the stress cycle and getting out of the crisis.

    Investing in professional coaching tools and worksheets is more than clever!

    • Our tools are developed by experts, giving you peace of mind that they are are highly effective and reliable. Focus on delivering outstanding coaching instead of spending time creating materials from scratch.

    • Value and Perception: Wow every client with the value of your coaching services. Showcase your professionalism and dedication to delivering an exeptional coaching experience. Justify higher rates and attract more clients.

    • Ease of Use: Meticulously designed by professionals for professionals. Each worksheet comes with clear instructions, making it effortless for you to implement them confidently.

    • Every tool comes as a professionally-designed PDF, brandable .docx, and text file.


    *Bonus: Order today to get the eBook Coaching Navigation Method © - 4 Steps to Sustainable Coaching Success for FREE

    You'll get instant access to the 6 Toolkits for only $259 (instead of $444)

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    Let's be honest, when was the last time you've been thinking (or hearing clients say) things like:

    • There’s an earnings ceiling that I’ll never go above

    • I don’t have enough experience

    • My looks are an obstacle to getting what I want

    • Others’ needs are more important than mine

    • I have too many responsibilities and no clue where to start

    • I have bad luck


    Self-Limiting Beliefs!

      coaching-tools-clevermemo-info-en Most of us carry these unconscious beliefs that come from past experiences and affect our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Often they have been developed over the years, and some even come from our childhood. Many of these beliefs are so familiar that we don't even realize them. Unfortunately, the same applies to our clients, jeopardizing their coaching success.  

    Why is this fact so dangerous for our Coaching Clients?

      These deep and established beliefs have the same effect as laws or facts on us. That makes them dangerous because they can hold our clients back from achieving their goals or make it much more challenging than necessary. Limiting beliefs can keep our clients from taking the required steps during their process. A lack of motivation and action is the consequence.    Thoughts and beliefs like „I don't have time for that...“ or „I'm too old/young/lazy/stupid for that“ create our reality. We will experience what we already know before. Limiting and negative beliefs act like a perception filter. Our clients will experience exactly what they believe in in this vicious cycle.   Image  

    Why don't we stop negative thoughts and eliminate limiting beliefs?

      Most of our beliefs have been established over the years and are deeply anchored in our subconscious. We only realize a few of them. And even if we uncovered them, it takes discipline, self-evaluation, and awareness to overcome and replace them. It's a process.  

    Help your clients get rid of their negative thoughts and limiting beliefs in three steps:

      1.) Self-evaluation: Becoming aware of their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs 2.) Uncover negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs and dispute them 3.) Control your thoughts better and replace negative thoughts/beliefs with positive ones  

    This Toolkit is all it takes to guide your clients through the 3 stages. Effectively help them eliminate limiting beliefs, control their thoughts better, and keep a positive mindset.

    1. Become aware of your self-talk! – A 2-part essential exercise. Enable your clients to become aware of their thoughts, self-talk, and mindset
    2. Challenge and overcome your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts - Identify and replace limiting beliefs and thought patterns that have been established over the years
    3. Identify and silence your inner critic – The inner critic occurs when our clients face difficult situations. It often leads to unhelpful behavior and bad decisions. Enable your clients to identify these situations and to find better self-evaluations!
    4. Creating your own powerful affirmation – Affirmations are a powerful way to control our thoughts and self-talk. Easily guide your client to develop a set of personal and empowering affirmations.
    5. STOP Self-sabotaging! – Empower your clients to stop procrastination, self-criticism, destructive habits or behaviors, and perfectionism. Help your clients explore and uncover their self-sabotaging behavior and find ways to stop it.
    6. ABCD-Model: Catch your (negative) thoughts and dispute them – Another essential exercise that will help your clients to identify unhelpful beliefs or negative thoughts and dispute them with a set of powerful questions
    7. Boost your self-esteem - 2 part tool where clients brainstorm about their most valuable qualities and talents. The second part is a self-esteem-boosting journal which ensures keeping a positive mindset.
        BONUS: Ebook - How to use the power of self-talk and mindset control in your Coaching It's a goldmine of insights for your coaching process. Facilitate your clients’ own thought processes to identify solutions and actions.   Get authentic insights and better understand your clients’ state of mind. More awareness of their thoughts, mindset, and self-talk gives every client a better understanding of themselves. Encourage a commitment to action and development of ongoing personal growth.   Tip: Use it as a self-coaching tool to eliminate your own limiting beliefs   Every tool comes as a professionally-designed PDF, brandable .docx, and text file, including instructions on how to use it.    

    *Bonus #2: Order today to get the eBook Coaching Navigation Method © - 4 Steps to Sustainable Coaching Success for FREE


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