How to make an End Of The Year Reflection?

The last days of the year provide the great opportunity to finally take a step back, reflect and review what happened during the past months. A Year-End Reflection is a great way to gain important insights that will eventually enable us to make the upcoming year an even bigger success.

Your Year-End Reflection and review will be much more valuable if you not only focus on the positive things that happened. It’s because our negative experiences and failures often contain valuable insights that we are only able to understand after some time passed.


It always depends on our perception and the perspective we take and what conclusions we draw for ourselves from what we have experienced. Because almost every experience we have throughout our lives contains a valuable message and takeaway that can help us on our path to further self-growth and more inner strength.

We have designed a year-end reflection and review tool that will help you gain the right insights from your personal review. It will also enable you to identify the right action steps you should take to improve your performance and life.


This will set the foundation for your success in the upcoming year.

Use the questionnaire for yourself and share it with your clients.


-> Click here to Download your Free End Of The Year Reflection Questionnaire


Thought-Provoking Sample Questions for Your End of the Year Reflection and Review:


ow would I describe this year in one sentence?

What was particularly positive for me this year?

What was rather negative for me this year? What didn’t turn out as expected?

What have been the biggest changes for me this year?

What did I do particularly well this year?

What did I struggle with this year?

Have I achieved all the goals I’ve set for this year?

What could be the reason for accomplishing or not accomplishing them? Do I blame external circumstances for the outcome or was it me? (Try to be as precise as possible here)

Was there a particular „aha moment“ or a „moment of awakening“ for me this year? How would I describe it?

How could I use this new gained knowledge in the future?

Is there anything I need to change or adjust in my life to be able to implement this knowledge?

Which events and changes had the biggest impact on my life this year?

What was my biggest challenge this year? And how did I cope with it? In retrospect, would I do anything differently? If so, what? (Try to be as specific as possible here too)

What was my biggest achievement this year?

What am I particularly grateful for this year?

What is one thing I regret not doing this year? Why haven’t I? And how can I make sure to do it in the upcoming year?

Reread your answers again throughout the coming days. Chances are high that one or the other valuable and new thought or insight will arise while reflecting.

What is my takeaway from this Year-End Reflection and Review? What have I learned?

What am I most excited about for the year to come?


-> Click here to Download your Free End Of The Year Reflection Questionnaire


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